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Discussion in 'The Adjudicators' Comments' started by Di, Feb 17, 2008.

  1. Beesa

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    Originally Posted by Beesa [​IMG]
    I don't think there was a 4br rep. at Blackpool this year.

    Sorry for misleading the forum, but good news indeed. A chap I was speaking to at one of the trade stands said he was speaking to Iwan (Fox) who had said he wouldn't be at Blackpool. He must have assumed no other 4BR would be there.

    An Area Contest without retrospective . . . unthinkable!

    It would be like Toast without Jam, Pubs without Beer, Blackpool without a Tower etc. etc.!

    As ever, I look forward to reading them.
  2. marchris6047

    marchris6047 Member

    North West Retro's are up now yay:D
  3. PurpleHaze

    PurpleHaze Member

    ^ No they aren't!
  4. marchris6047

    marchris6047 Member

    Yup they are ,on 4BR On the Articles section ;)
  5. Crazysop

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  6. Aidan

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    not all of them :(
  7. critic

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    very well put sir
  8. critic

    critic Member

    just the championship to come.the rest or in the articles section.the championship will be up eventually but some interesting views it was a good contest allround
  9. Beesa

    Beesa Member

    Not really.


    Well done Eagley basses. Well dome Mike.
  10. HBB

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    So unappropriate!
  11. critic

    critic Member

    Having covered both the first and seccond sections i thought the respect for the other bands was great and all though we all like to do well this backbiting does the bandsconcerned and more importantly the all band movement a diss service.Every band who competed in all the sections deserve to be respected by everyone.
  12. Playabit

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    Well said critic...i have watched this thread since the contest in disbelief at how people seem to have forgot that it takes many bands to make the contest what was. And had the bands that came in or near the bottom not entered someone else wopuld have been there, take the bottom 13 bands from the 4th section and eh 10th place would have been last. All bands that competed did well on the day, its easy to say, "well someone said we deserved better" tyhe thing is this is said to all of us, no one ever comes and says "you played ****" we hav all had "you played well and deserved better". But it means Jack **** as it all depends on the man in the box.

    A number of bands just to get there did well for one reason or another, so to all that did get there and play, congratulations from Parr 18th on the day but still drunk enough Beer in the bar afterwards that 18th didnt really matter, we went when we thought we may not go and look forward to next year, be happy and thankful that we all have a great hobby regardless of our section or playing abilities....;)

    Also on the day due to sickness we had to borrow a percusionist all above board...he was only a young lad but played well and did us proud so a big thanks to him....:clap:
  13. superjobby

    superjobby Member

    I agree entirely. I hope a line can now be drawn under it, the area was just under a week ago but it feels like a blummin' lifetime.

    Good luck to everyone involved at Tameside, and remember, we're all in the banding movement because we enjoy it, even if it doesn't feel like it sometimes..

    Roll on Whit Friday! ;)
  14. critic

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    Thanks playabit.As i said the atmosphere among the bands in the seccond and first section was very good and we dont always agree with the results if we express a honest opinion based on the music alone and not on other factors thats how it should be. i had a slightly different opinion about the first section but have total respect for the adjudicator whogave his own honest decision based on what he heard.The 4bars tetros are all honest opinions. ITSa great movement is ours and we should all work to keep it that way.Believe me it will not get any easier.
  15. Bayerd

    Bayerd Active Member

    I take it 4br have decided it's not worth publishing the top section retro..............
  16. critic

    critic Member

    The top section will be published as soon as possible the delay is down to unforseen circumstances.
  17. horn1

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    Top sections retro is up now :)
  18. Beesa

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    I watched Hawk Green Marple in the Opera House (Third Section)

    Right in the middle of the performance the side doors were opened and people poured in. The adjudicator must have been distracted and wondered what the commotion was.

    It certainly caught the attention of the audience and I wonder if anyone in the band noticed anything?
  19. Stix

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    ive read the retro, and this makes me seem even more dissapointed as it seems quite a few had us higher!! we just missed out on that spot!! Although i know it is down to the man in ths box before anyone says anything!!!

    Did anyone hear a lot of the 1st section?

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