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  1. Nigel Hall

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    Also slightly seriously - WHY?????:confused: . Perhaps that player had an allergy to metal - have seen several players over the years having to play in gloves because of said allergy.
  2. Fair do's regarding the allergy, but there's far more plastic mouthpieces out there being used than players with the said allergy. As a teacher I've occassionally seen them being used because they 'looked cool', to the detriment of tone quality.
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    I've been told the most plastic mouthpieces should only really be used for marching in the cold etc.
    But some plastic mouthpieces are really high quality - i know a couple of very good players who use the Warburton system with plastic cups and rims.
    I agree some people use plastic because it looks cool but a metal mouthpiece doesn't suit everyone. Andy Everton (trumpet) in the BBC National Orchestra of Wales uses a wooden mouthpiece I believe - certainly did a few years ago anyway.
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    Still just clowning around ...

    Who's that handsome bloke in the black dress jacket trying to part the waters of the Red Sea in that image of UCB threatening to inflict their "dedicated followers of fashion statement" on the ROW?

    To paraphrase from another thread,
    "... does a hearing aid come with that white stick?"

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    So to use a Formula 1 analogy - Could this be seen as "A Driver Aid" and therefore banned as an aid to performance. If as you say that it is a detriment to tone quality then surely it is up to the MD to point this out to the player and ask them to switch back to a metal one. I've used one when playing Euph with a mouth ulcer because I found the metal one too hard and didn't find (well, to my ears anyway) any difference in my tone quality.
  6. Tonal quality point depends although I can't see plastic mouthpieces going any further, mouthpieces are metal for many reasons but one of them being they keep cool and don't get too warm - which I think helps with playing. They look out of place anyway :p
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    A bass playing colleague of mine used a plastic mouthpiece recently, and I think he is staying with it like he says, no difference at all. With me though, I will be staying put with the metal one.
  8. Has anyone (unconnected with sales) actually done proper tests on plastic mouthpieces? Maybe they don't affect lower instruments so much as higher ones? Are there different makes? Have they developed them significantly over the years?

    I have tried one with my cornet a few years ago with an open mind but the difference in tone quality was not in any way a subtle one, hence my current view of them. Let's not forget how so many trumpeters and cornetists in particular use boosters (a separate issue I'm going to avoid) in an attempt to make the mouthpiece weightier etc.

    I've not tried a wooden one. Has anyone? What are they like? If I come across a pupil with an allegy are they a better option than plastic?
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    Whilst the subject of mouthpieces is fascinating and a very important individual choice, I fail to see how this is 'on-topic' in relation to the discussion relating to the L & SC Regional Championships.

    Please lets get back on discussing the many gripes and whinges we have after the most controversial area seen for many a year.
  10. Agreed...

    I never meant to stir up a hornets' nest. I'll watch my wording in the future ;)
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    Indeed you should Ryan. I have heard that Littleport are being investigated for playing well and winning.
  12. We won because the front row cornets each had their own music stand.

    shhhh.... don't tell anyone else though. I'm not it says in the rules that we are allowed to do that! ;)
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    That's better - what we all want is SCANDAL!!
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    Metal Allergy

    I have got a metal allergy and have had problems in the past with the "gold-coloured" plated mouthpieces but haven't had a problem with "silver-coloured" ones, although I would still like to try the plastic ones if they produce them for horn in the future.
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    Rumbled by Elvis Bass re the bowtie. At least it was bought from a reputable dealer and not from a back street dealer, behind the Stevenage Arts & Leisure centre.

    I have just listened to our recording and can comfortably say that we played reasonably well and got a deserved place in the big scheme of things. Still haven't read the notes yet, but can't say that it if I do it will make any difference to my findings.

    All in all a good Saturday afternoon, spoilt only by the fact that L&SC always manage to put whichever section I am playing in on at the same time as the last 6 nations match involving England.

    If anyone from the committee is reading this please note.
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    Confirmed grading tables now up on the website HERE :)
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    If its any consolation I have been down to Ladbrokes to place my bet on Becontree winning their new section next year!
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    What did the betting say when you placed that bet???