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    London & Southern Counties Regional Championships
    Championship Section
    Test Piece : Festival Music, Eric Ball
    Sunday 16th March
    Venue : Arts & Leisure Centre, Stevenage
    Adjudicator: David Horsfield

    Participating Bands:

    Aveley and Newham, N Taken
    Bedford Town, J Berryman
    Broseley Brass MK , P Fensom
    Clacton-on-Sea Co-operative, R Nunnery
    Haverhill Silver, M Ager
    KM Medway, M White
    Kidlington Concert Brass, C Underwood
    Redbridge Brass, TBA
    Staines Brass, TBA
    Wantage Silver 'A', P Bailey
    Welwyn Garden City, D Stokes
    Zone One Brass, P Archibald

    London & Southern Counties Regional Championships
    First Section

    Test Piece : James Cook – Circumnavigator, Gilbert Vinter
    Saturday 15th March
    Venue : Arts & Leisure Centre, Stevenage
    Adjudicator: David Horsfield

    Participating Bands:

    Becontree Brass, G Chambers
    Cawston, C Swaep
    City of Cambridge, P Bassano
    Denham Hendon, G Davies
    Egham, G Green
    Friary Guildford, C King
    Horsham Borough, K Maxwell
    Ipswich and Norwich Co-op, R Norman
    Jersey Premier Brass, T Pritchard
    Matthews Norfolk Brass, D Stowell
    Northfleet Brass, A Austin
    Regent Brass, A Duguid
    Sandhurst Silver, I McElligot
    Soham Comrades, G Sheldon
    St Albans City, D Shead

    London & Southern Counties Regional Championships
    Second Section

    Test Piece : Three Part Invention, Kenneth Downie
    Sunday 16th March
    Venue : Arts & Leisure Centre, Stevenage
    Adjudicator: Steve Pritchard-Jones

    Participating Bands :

    Alder Valley Brass, R Burke
    Betteshanger, T Vinall
    Capital Concert Brass, T Brotherhood
    Chichester City, J Williams
    Chinnor Silver, D Pegram
    East London Brass, J Murrill
    Epping Forest, M Easener
    Epsom and Ewell Silver, E Howard
    Fairlop Brass, K Jordan
    Grimsdyke Brass, S Broughall
    Norfolk Wherry Brass, G Barber
    Thundersley Brass, R Morris
    Tilbury, D Lewis
    Ware Brass, P Littlemore
    Yiewsley and West Drayton, C Cole
    London & Southern Counties Regional Championships
    Third Section

    Test Piece : The Dark Side of the Moon, Paul Lovatt-Cooper
    Saturday 15th March
    Venue : Arts & Leisure Centre, Stevenage
    Adjudicator: Steve Pritchard-Jones

    Participating Bands :

    BAE Systems, K Woodger
    Brighton and Hove City Brass, M Hackett
    Chalgrove, M Pegram
    Croydon Brass, P Martin
    E.P.B, I Mitchell
    Fulham, S Jones
    Great Yarmouth Brass, S Philpot
    Hangleton, M Pollard
    Hitchin Town, M Hurrell
    Hungerford Town, T Crouter
    L.G.B.. Brass, I Stewart
    Littleport Brass, N Bramley
    St Sebastian Wokingham, A Porter
    Stantonbury Brass, A Jenkin
    Uckfield Concert Brass, S McIntyre
    Waterbeach Brass, J Utting
    Woodbridge Excelsior, A Duguid
    London & Southern Counties Regional Championships
    Fourth Section

    Test Piece : Four Cities Symphony, Rodney Newton
    Sunday 16th March

    Venue : Arts & Leisure Centre, Stevenage
    Adjudicator: Cpt. P Norley

    Participating Bands:

    Amersham, A Duguid
    Battle Town Band, J Penton
    Bletchington Silver, N Hall
    Bradwell Silver, C Johnston
    Broseley (MK) Development, D Johnston
    Charles Church Camberley, R Cherry
    Cobham Band, D Ruel
    Cold Ash Brass, M Clark
    Crystal Palace 'B' Band, I Whittaker
    Fakenham Town, D Wakefield
    Harwich R.B.L, A Sanders
    Hemel Hempstead, G Weeks
    Hilgay Silver, K Beckett
    Jubilee Brass (Oxford), C Sadler
    Kings Lynn Town, P Mole
    Letchworth Garden City, T Welch
    Newmarket Town Brass, L Ager
    Oxford Templas Brass, J Davis
    Royston Band, S Jones
    Snowdown Colliery Welfare, K Twyman
    Tadley Concert Brass, Chapman
    Wantage Silver 'B' , D Dulforce
    Watford, R Graves

    Information courtesy
  2. I'll do the honours then... ;)

    Anyone know a cheap hotel in Stevenage?

    And how are preperations going with everyone etc...
  3. Daniel Sheard

    Daniel Sheard Member

    What's happened to Alliance Brass? Have they ceased to contest?
  4. MoominDave

    MoominDave Well-Known Member

    When I helped out Staines before Christmas, they seemed to think that it was very unlikely that they were going to be able to raise a full band for the areas.
  5. MoominDave

    MoominDave Well-Known Member

    And with no Staines, no Alliance [who were demoted last year - but well spotted, Daniel, they're not listed in the 1st section, are they?], Redbridge under a new conductor, a lot of band names that are pretty fresh to the top, and an unusual piece, the championship section could finish in pretty much any order at all.

    Reckon this might be ZOB's year...
  6. WhatSharp?

    WhatSharp? Active Member

    1st sections going to be a close call too.. any one of about 5 bands could take it...
  7. Owen S

    Owen S Member

    Good to see two bands returning to contesting after a long time away: Roger Burke has taken over at Alder Valley, and they've been put into the second section, plus Uckfield have gone into the third.
    True Steve, who were you thinking of? I'd say Cambridge, Friary, Horsham, Ipswich, Regent and Sandhurst should all do well going on recent results, and many of the rest seem to be progressing well too. How are Denham's preparations going?
  8. Accidental

    Accidental Supporting Member

    2nd trom virtusoso - The Ibis hotel is staggering distance from the hall, twin rooms are £37 per night. You'll be sharing with half of Friary though :wink:

    Daniel - Alliance are no more. Some of their players have popped up in other bands in the region.

    Alder Valley had issues with numbers for a while, but they only actually missed one year and they dropped to 2nd section on points. They're doing really well with Roger now, so could have a very good day.
    Uckfield is a different story - this will be their first area since 1999 and they've been on the brink of folding more than once since then. They seem to be back with a vengeance now, going for the areas and our local association :)

    I know I'm biased, but in this time of declining numbers and bands folding, its fantastic to see both bands contesting again, and they really deserve to do well at Stevenage.
  9. WhatSharp?

    WhatSharp? Active Member

    Pretty much the same ( though I think Soham could be in there too ), not sure how Regent and Horsham are doing recently but Friary, Cambridge, Ipswich and Sandhurst are showing good form at the mo.

    We're doing well at the mo (certainly working hard for it :D ), looks like we'll have a good sized turnout this year ( though still missing a couple of seats ).
  10. Daisy Duck

    Daisy Duck Member

    I agree, but I have a personal bias!

    This is going to be my first ever regional contest - very excited!
    I really hope Uckfield do well in the 3rd section.
    And of course I hope Battle don't do too badly in the 4th section...
  11. If they have the same band and personel as last year they will ride it. Players move on etc. I know a couple of great players still there though, should be more than capable :p
    Last edited: Feb 18, 2008
  12. MoominDave

    MoominDave Well-Known Member

    Don't think they'll "ride it", however many great players they have...
    The lack of rehearsal time they get is what always counts against them - but maybe not so much is needed on this piece; and hopefully music college students will have a decent idea about what Mozart should sound like.

    It's unwise to write off either Aveley or Redbridge! After all, one or the other of them has won this contest every year since before the turn of the century.
  13. lauren

    lauren Member

    either or

    If Yeovil was anything to go by though it could go either way for them on the day. They just never quite hit it off although a good result the next day at Preston showed they can do it when they put their mind to it. I have heard them on cracking form before, lets just hope they can live up to that again.
  14. Keith

    Keith Member

    Yep......... its going to be very interesting in the champ section this year. ZOB are pretty much the same as last year, with one or two additions (including me!). In terms of rehearsals; as of Sunday I want have many spare evenings until after the areas. Off the top of my head I think we have 4 rehearsals in a week, 2 weeks before the comp. After that I think I blacked out, after reading that on my rehearsal schedual!! :eek:

    Anyway....... good luck to all bands, especially the ones i've been hanging around with over the last few months. :tup
  15. PeterBale

    PeterBale Moderator Staff Member

    Looking forward to hearing the Championship Section this year having missed it last year. Also hearing good reports of Zone One, who many thought were unlucky to miss out last year. With Rob Wiffen and Paul Archibald at the helm of Redbridge and Zone One respectively, we should be in for an interesting day ;)
  16. You might not be far off there - Redbridge and ZOB 1st and 2nd?? or either way around!

    Not sure how A & N are doing with their vacancy situations etc although they are still sure to put up a strong fight. Havn't heard much from them lately.

    Will be an interesting 1st section too...
  17. lauren

    lauren Member

    Wishing Friary Guildford the best of luck in the 1st section. Hope that they can continue their recent success on the contest stage....even without their lucky player!!!!!! :p
  18. Accidental

    Accidental Supporting Member

    I don't think we can do without our lucky charm - you'll have to sneak up to the stage and sit with us :wink:
  19. lauren

    lauren Member

    I will sit as close as possible then to the stage...although not too close to Rich otherwise will get the blame for putting him off...!! ;)
  20. mjwarman

    mjwarman Member

    I have heard on the grape vine that Robert Childs is no longer doing the adjudication for the champ section as he is going into hospital for an operation on the Friday before, does anyone know who is taking his place? My source didn't have that information to hand, he said it was someone with a surname beginning with H that used to play cornet for Dyke and Faireys, (Hudson? I can't think of anymore!!)