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Discussion in '2006 National Championships of Great Britain discu' started by brassneck, Oct 24, 2006.

  1. KMJ Recordings

    KMJ Recordings Supporting Member

    Sorrry, I must be feeling old, but you really are going to have to explain that one to me ;)

    OK, the arrangement was old - and not, er, necessarily the best example of its kind - but I'm led to believe by my man on the ground (unfortunately i couldn't make it myself this year due to work commitments) that that the piece certainly was capable of 'sorting' the bands....

    This kind of question was raised following the use of Rienzi..what exactly do you mean by "better" challenge? I played in that Area competition and it highlighted some shorcomings!. Reading the 4BR assessments from todaly's performances (their potential subjectivity not withstanding) the piece certainly didn't prove the pushover that was predicted by many..

    It takes a lot of playing that arrangement. The bands 'on show' were obviously sorted by the arrangement - why do you think that something more 'modern' would be any more discerning?

    Congratulations to Grimey btw :D
  2. ian perks

    ian perks Active Member

    Ok then having heard ALL THE BANDS TODAY as i always do when i go to a major contest.
    It was a good test for the bands with all the bands in general making a decent -First Class showing of the piece.
    For me it was a close call between Grimethorpe &BAYV for 1st place.
    Two real outstanding performances i just give it to Grimethorpe.
    A few performances lacked that extra bit of something in it all the notes were there but that extra ingredients when it came out of the oven did not get served up.
    A few sop players were not at their best today and i think it cost bands a few points here and there.
    Allegro Assai: passage some real scrappy playing in many horn sections notes just got flung in anyhow at times.
    However my first six were as follows:
    1 Grimethorpe

    2 Buy AS You View
    4 Black Dyke

    5 out of 6 is not bad going.
    A brilliant day out in general really enjoyed it .
    If anyone wants to see what i thought of the full result in MY opinion please private message me and i will send it.
  3. jingleram

    jingleram Active Member

    Woooo I got the top 6 but not necessarily in the right order!

    Mine was:
    1- Grimethorpe

    A good day out, I loved it! Enjoyed the piece. Re:pete Roberts...I was furious that he didn't play the solos, but later found out that he had issues with his teeth, so it was a mutual agreement.

    Anyhow, we went to the YBS concert afterwards, and it ws fantastic! Top marks to the band for their effort, the concert was amazing! Special highlights being Sheona's solo 'Piper O' Dundee', Stuart's solo, 'Lark in the Clear Air', and 'Windows of the World'.
    All in all a great day out!
  4. steve ruck

    steve ruck New Member

    My top 6 were
    1. BAYV
    2. Grimethorpe
    3. Dyke
    4. Foden's
    5. YBS
    6. Rothwell
  5. Lauradoll

    Lauradoll Active Member

    There must have been 20 "perfect" performances of the piece then since it was no test? Oh, you say "no-one nailed it". So there is the test. Just because it's not full of semiquavers and time changes, doesn't mean it's not testing.

    Well done to Bert winning the solo prize- woo hoo!!
  6. Tack7

    Tack7 Member

    The piece is harder to play correctly than it looks, players with all top 5 bands said yesterday. Anyone who says its easy is just jumping on the moaning bandwagon.
    Well done to Grimey, i myself had Corys then Dyke in 2nd & 3rd. Cory can feel hard done by, awesome sop playing from Michelle and a great deep sound.
    Anyway, off to the London Eye.

  7. critic

    critic Member

    National results

    Nothing allegedly about it the solo cornet played it. Well done Grimey and all the top six.
  8. Charmed

    Charmed Active Member

    Excellent! :clap:

    Top 3 places to Yorkshire Bands. Eee By Gum! :biggrin:
  9. Spanky Rear

    Spanky Rear Member

    National results.

    I greatly enjoyed 18 out of the 20 performances and the way the different challenges of the piece were handled. I gained the impression that some Bands placed emphasis on technique rather more than on the likely requirements of a piece composed in 1826[?].
    One thing did stand out for me.This was the clarity of the technique of Messrs Parkes,Renton and McElligott [all ex Forces] and Mr Bastable.Their conducting appeared to me to be clear,concise,and helpful.
  10. toby hobson

    toby hobson Member

    Well done to everyone at Grimey its been a long time coming, how many's that for Dean now 6!!!!!!!! wow
    I was listening to a old recording of Carnival Romain the other day, maybe its about time that got a showing since proper test pieces with tunes seem to be coming back into vogue!! There's going to be a few bands going for it at the Yorkshire area next year, should be interesting!!
  11. Bungle

    Bungle Member

    Well I had Dyke in first place, but hey what do I know, there was quite a time gap between them and Grimey. I too thought Rothwell should have been placed higher. Stains also played well. The fact that there were more people in the Albert hall could have been with the choice of piece, I was quite happy to listen to 20 performances. I Went to the evening concert, another great performance from the band and Burt, although a bit on the loud side for such a small hall. Please can someone tell Andrea Crossely to smile a bit more, she didn't look as if she was enjoying herself at all.

    Put the day into perspective when we were talking to two guys on the bus to the Regents hall who had come over from Stuttgart, they have no local Brass bands to play with :( . Having a local band is something we take for granted.
  12. IYOUNG

    IYOUNG Member

    Having been to all the recent major championships over the last few yesterday certainly was very flat in comparison. they say the hall was fuller than usual.....not sure about that but the music itself to me whilst certainly listenable and as I alluded to took a few scalps and pretty much found the right result didn't in my humble view generate anything like the excitement amongst the listening audience that we have seen here and elsewhere in recent occasions.

    The likes of St magnus (Glasgow 2004)
    Eden (RAH 2005)

    to name but two had the audiences in the edge of their seats and discussing the merits of the music all day long.

    This for me was really lacking yesterday.
  13. andywooler

    andywooler Supporting Member

    Whilst not in the prizes, the first 3 (I missed the last one!) plus Richard Evans gave readings of the work that I enjoyed the most during the day.

    One other thing that I noticed was how many bands struggled to play simple time in this piece - so often it came out as 6/8.
    As a former sop player myself, I particularly enjoyed the sops of YBS and BAYV.

    A question: Many conductors were ralling near to then end - (just before fig. 30 ish?) - was this something that simply didn't make it into the study score?
  14. jingleram

    jingleram Active Member

    Yes I noticed that as well, I think that was artistic license, because lots didn't rall at all. I thought the best use of the rall was YBS...simply glorious control from them!
  15. matti_raz

    matti_raz Member

    Good to see YBS bouncing back upwards again.... 2007 a big year for them maybe???
    Wasn't there so I won't add my two pence worth other than saying well done Grimey and wish I was there......
    Anyone know of a CD plan??
  16. ian perks

    ian perks Active Member

    I hope so a s Grimethorpes performance is worth listening to a number of times:clap:
  17. Phil Green

    Phil Green Supporting Member

    Congratulations to Deano and the rest of the guys at Grimey. I had you and Cory in first and second, a couple of points ahead of Dyke.

    Best sounding winning bass section since, ooh, 1999 in my opinion! :)
  18. swisscornet

    swisscornet Member

    hi folks,
    congratulations to grimethorpe. I absolutely agree with the results.
    But can anyone tell me why so many b-flat basses always have to play pedals (I hope thats the right word in english) at the beginning of the piece?

    I personally like it at a concert but at a contest it should be played how it's written.


    P.S. Congrats to Bert for taking the Soloist award! He is a great guy and a great player.
  19. VenusTromster

    VenusTromster Member

    Well Done Grimey!!:clap:
  20. brassneck

    brassneck Active Member

    Allan Withington got it right when he mentioned that ...

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