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  1. Red Elvis

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    What an excellent response from an adjudicator / composer here - a willingness to actively respond too and engage with those that have politely framed queries / comments about their placings / remarks .

    Makes a very refreshing contrast to some whose names I will not mention but they know who they are !

    It's this kind of openness that does so much to ease the "we was robbed" syndrome that can occur at times .

    Here's hoping that Mr Fernie gets an invite to adjudicate at a L&SC event soon !
  2. Anglo Music Press

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    Alan, it's great that you are prepared to get involved here. We had a great time preparing your piece and were reasonably pleased with our preparation, though our performance was a little nervy.

    I have thought long and hard as to whether I should send this post as it may sound like sour grapes. It's not, I hope, but more a frustration with the contesting process. As a composer, I always despair when conductors don't follow the markings in the score and I'm sure you're the same, and I'm always learning new ways to make my wishes crystal clear; but I think I can (seeing as you raise the issue) explain the above!! From the stage, you said this should be a gradual accelerando, but this is not what's in the score; the tempo goes from (from memory) 52-152 in the first 2 bars and 152 -182?? in the next two. We tried to do this, but it doesn't make a gradual accelerando!! Maybe that's why you heard some 'remarkable interpretations'

    I won't be contesting again as this was a most enjoyable 'one-off' for me, but I can understand how difficult it must be for some bands to know what they should be doing and not surpirsed about the calls for guidance before the contest, either from composer or adjudicator.

    But we really enjoyed working the piece up and it maintained the band's interest throughout. You are right, it's not easy and we were always finding more music in it. The 2nd movement is an absolute gem!

    Thaks again

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  3. yorkyboy

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    Hi Alan

    I think its great that you would have welcomed the opportunity to speak to the bands pre contest. I truly believe this would help the bands and adjudicators a great deal and enable performances of the standard that you were hoping for. Maybe as you say the quality is not there in the second section - Im not sure this is actually the case as I have heard some good stuff coming out of the second section. Possibly the pressure of the day took its tole on many of the performances.

    Its great to hear a response from a adjudicator and composer of the standard of yourself - lets hope more follow your lead.
  4. Alan Fernie

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  5. brassneck

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    Alan, glad to see that both your feet are firmly stuck on the ground ... you have always been honest in your opinion throughout the years.

    How did Graeme O'Connor get on tallying with you in the box? Did you have to get in touch with him before to let him understand what your expectations of 'Gothic Dances' were? Or did you both independently assess and rate performance then compare after each band's effort?
  6. JR

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    Thanks Alan - that seems fair enough
    I have to agree with Philip re the long accel though - we found the metro marks confusing too. I found it particularly difficult to get back to the right tempo following this passage! - most bands raced away from here
    I too liked the 2nd movt a lot - a killer in that hall!

  7. DanB

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    The long accel also left us a little uncertain .. it did however remind me of Alan's arrangement of Ticket To Ride - so at least we played it with a smile!!
  8. Liz Courts

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    I had a really good weekend!! Unfortunately we played far from our best on stage - no excuses, it just didn't happen! I thought that the remarks from the adjudicators were brilliant, and it was good to know that "fast and loud" wasn't what impressed this time! So no complaints, just a very memorable experience! :biggrin:

    Congratulations to St Dennis - yet another win to make Cornwall proud! :biggrin: I knew you could do it!

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