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  1. jerseylugs

    jerseylugs New Member

    Just a quick note from the "Southerners"!!!!!!!!!!!

    Good luck to all the bands competing in the 2nd section, and by the way ..... look out for all of our girls in their lovely red dresses.
    (Telephone numbers will be available for all after the Contest)

    Hope you all have a great day and mine would be a pint of Tetley's if it wasn't for the fact that the B*****y Hotel we're staying in, opposite the Tetley's brewery has run out!!!!!:mad:
  2. brassneck

    brassneck Active Member

    The Draw:-

    1. Lympstone South West Telecoms, Charles Fleming [Region: West of England]
    2. Wansbeck's Ashington, Nigel Steadman [Region: North of England]
    3. Barrhead Burgh, Chris Bradley [Region: Scotland]
    4. St. Dennis, Brian Minear [Region: West of England]
    5. Grange Moor, Duncan Beckley [Region: Yorkshire]
    6. Meltham & Meltham Mills, Stuart Fawcett [Region: Yorkshire]
    7. Bollington, Peter Christian [Region: North West]
    8. Newbridge (Celynen), Paul Holland [Region: Wales]
    9. Jersey Premier Brass, Tim Pritchard [Region: London and Southern Counties]
    10. Lockwood Brass, John Roberts [Region: North of England]
    11. Tylorstown Arriva Trains, Gary Davies [Region: Wales]
    12. Blackpool Brass, Andy Warriner [Region: North West]
    13. Hopkins Solicitors Blidworth, Geoff Hawley [Region: Midlands]
    14. City of Discovery, Bruce Fraser [Region: Scotland]
    15. Denham Hendon Brass, Philip Sparke [Region: London and Southern Counties]
    16. Foresters Brass, Pete Collins [Region: Midlands]

    live commentary here
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  3. brassneck

    brassneck Active Member

    Full Results:

    1. St. Dennis, Brian Minear, 4 [Region: West of England]
    2. Bollington, Peter Christian, 7 [Region: North West]
    3. Newbridge (Celynen), Paul Holland, 8 [Region: Wales]
    4. City of Discovery, Bruce Fraser, 14 [Region: Scotland]
    5. Foresters Brass, Pete Collins, 16 [Region: Midlands]
    6. Barrhead Burgh, Chris Bradley, 3 [Region: Scotland]
    7. Grange Moor, Duncan Beckley, 5 [Region: Yorkshire]
    8. Jersey Premier Brass, Tim Pritchard, 9 [Region: London and Southern Counties]
    9. Blackpool Brass, Andy Warriner, 12 [Region: North West]
    10. Wansbeck's Ashington, Nigel Steadman, 2 [Region: North of England]
    11. Lockwood Brass, John Roberts, 10 [Region: North of England]
    12. Tylorstown Arriva Trains, Gary Davies, 11 [Region: Wales]
    13. Denham Hendon Brass, Philip Sparke, 15 [Region: London and Southern Counties]
    14. Lympstone South West Telecoms, Charles Fleming, 1 [Region: West of England]
    15. Meltham & Meltham Mills, Stuart Fawcett, 6 [Region: Yorkshire]
    16. Hopkins Solicitors Blidworth, Geoff Hawley, 13 [Region: Midlands]
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  4. MRSH

    MRSH Supporting Member

    Beat me
  5. brassneck

    brassneck Active Member

    - sorry! :p ... well done to St. Dennis & Brian Minear for winning the 2nd Section.
  6. bassinthebathroom

    bassinthebathroom Active Member

    May I be the second to congratulate St. Dennis and Brian Minear on what I'm sure was a well deserved win. You've made Cornwall proud I'm sure, once again! :D
  7. DaveR

    DaveR Active Member

    What ^ said!
  8. markyboy

    markyboy Member

    I would just like to say well done to all the prize winners as well. I heard the first few bands but had to go after band number six, (Meltham ) .

    I thaught out of the few performances I heard Ashington and Meltham gave very good accounts of themselves but neither got the sort of result they might of hoped for.

    Meltham came second to last, and I'm sure they are feeling a little bit ' down in the dumps' , but taking into account the great strides they have made over the last few years they should still feel very proud of today's performance in which they did not disgrace themselves at all.

    If there is one thing they will be able to do is have a rehearsal with 20 odd players around the stand next week.

    Chin up guys !!

    (ps to set the record straight I am an ex Melthamer and went to support them today)
  9. jerseylugs

    jerseylugs New Member

    No reflection on the results for the nationals and I would like to add my Congratulations to St Dennis, BUT>>>>>

    Wouldn't it be nice if when a piece is written for a contest it was judged on what was written on the score, e.g. Dynamics, Tempos etc.

    Once again, all my congratulations to all those that competed and made it a great day in Harrogate.
  10. Tim Pritchard

    Tim Pritchard Member

    Well done to all the winers in the second section. We knew we were going for a risky nearly came off. In the hindsight of our adjudication we now know that a saftey first approach would have been rewarded much more highly. never mind better luck next time. Well done to my friends at Newbridge that makes it Jersey 1 Newbridge 1. See you next year!!!!!!!
  11. dyl

    dyl Active Member

    In all fairness, the composer was in the box, so surely he would know what he wanted out of a performance of his piece?
  12. bassinthebathroom

    bassinthebathroom Active Member

    I think it was French composer Darius Milhaud who said, when asked to direct a performance of one of his pieces "Absolutely not. I've done it before, and it's always sounded wrong. Let someone else do it!"
    Those current and ex-Salfordites present at a memorable performance of Ellerby's Chivalry will bear witness to how a composer's interpretation differs wildy from both the norm and the score!
  13. ScreamingSop

    ScreamingSop Member

    It is very true.

    Nice guy, but a 14 minuite piece of music, lasted 25 minuites!

    Great entertainment value tho
  14. sparkling_quavers

    sparkling_quavers Active Member

    well done to Tim and Bollington Band
  15. yorkyboy

    yorkyboy Member

    I understand the adjudicators where pretty critical of most performances in particular Alan Fernie the composer stating that no one played the piece how he wished it to be performed.

    Im assuming then that he either had a meeting with all the conductors pre contest to infrom them of what he expected from the piece or that he wrote detailed notes within the score that could not be misintepreted - if not then why not.

    You cannot criticise a musical interpretation if you have not infromed people what you expect. Im sure some of the conductors in the second section on Saturday where very talented but none of them can be expected to be mind readers. Surely the time has come for adjuidcators to sit down with conductors 6 - 8 weeks before a contest to discuss the piece and how they expect it to be intepreted taking away this situation we keep finding ourselves in.
  16. Anglo Music Press

    Anglo Music Press Active Member

    Surely the score is the indication of what the composer expects. If the bands did not deliver what Alan wanted, then perhaps the score was not explicit enough?
  17. yorkyboy

    yorkyboy Member

    Perhaps the score was not explicit enough as it appears that no one intepreted it as he expected.

    Do you not think a meeting between adjudicators and conductors would reduce this problem and then take away the argument regarding intepretation?? It appears to be a regular argument at major contests and its one I feel that could be solved quite easily and provide a better standard of competition.
  18. Anglo Music Press

    Anglo Music Press Active Member

    But surely interpretation is the perogative of the performers? As a composer, I always try to make my scores as self-explanitory as possible. But you can't write every nuance into a score. Anything you leave unsaid has to be 'interpreted' by the performer.

    However, there was a bit of a puzzle when Alan suggested most bands played the 2nd movement too slowly. In fact all the ones I heard played it (wisely) faster than marked :confused:
  19. JR

    JR Member

    cogratulations to St Dennis who I know played really well
    I agree - ! and even more of a puzzle when he complained that nearly all the bands took the last movt too fast - it's marked crotchet = circa 152, most bands I heard were (again, wisely) at least 6 crotchets steadier. I tried to keep it at 138 - still too fast apparently.

    John R (Lockwood Brass)
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  20. Alan Fernie

    Alan Fernie Member

    Time to reply, I think.

    I have my metronome in front of me now, beeping away at 152, and I have to say that most of the bands Graham and I heard on Saturday were quite a bit above. I lost count of the amount of times I wrote "fast and frantic" on the remarks. To be fair, it sounded like a few conductors were trying to keep it in control, but all too often the red mist descended, especially at the Allegro before H.

    To be blunt, I wasn't sure what to expect on Saturday. I would've welcomed the opportunity to explain the music to the competitors, but no general invitation was forthcoming. What I was looking for, apart from the usual right notes,in tune etc., was something indefinable and special, something other than the notes played fast and loud ( there were virtually no fff's at the end, as most were already at ffff!), and, with the quality of bands on display on Saturday, I really was expecting that "special something". Perhaps it's not there - I don't know! There were also the couple of traps in the finale, which I thought were clearly notated, but there were some remarkable interpretations of them, particularly bars 69-77.

    Anyone who plays my stuff will realise that it's virtually never technically difficult, a fact that has been mentioned frequently about Gothic Dances on this thread. Perhaps a clue as to what I like in a brass band is there?

    Maybe, if there is a next time, I'll stay out of the box and listen, with interest. Thank you for your opinions, which I'll take on board and learn from, both as a composer, and an adjudicator.

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