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    Good luck to all.

    We are all set for the mammoth trip south. We have a young band and one thing can be said for certain: we are going to enjoy ourselves.

    If you see us (maroon jacket with turriff on the pocket) come and say Hi.

    It is a lovely piece to play: not the hardest but still plenty of challenges for the bands. Thanks Mr Sparke!:clap:

  2. PeterBale

    PeterBale Moderator Staff Member

    Best wishes to all at Thundersley, and I shall look forward to your concert in October - especially if we can announce you as prizewinners ;)
  3. JoeDrumTech

    JoeDrumTech New Member

    Come ON!!!!!!!

    I think Dodworth have a good chance this weekend!
    Not being vain or owt.......

    Good look to emley though!!!! :tup

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  4. 2nd man down

    2nd man down Moderator Staff Member

    Thank you, and you!
    Lets go show em which the best county is!! ;)
  5. Di

    Di Active Member

    Thats the spirit! Go Crawfy.

    All the best
    Ma! ;)
  6. gawber

    gawber Active Member

    Loving the live updates by 4bars rest
  7. drummergurl

    drummergurl Active Member

    can't say i am... its been on band 18 for more than an hour im sure!

    and i hope formby do well, despite getting number 1 draw. although they had number 1 draw at the areas and did amazingly! so... i hope they do well!

    results results results.. THE SUSPENSE IS KILLING ME!
  8. gawber

    gawber Active Member

    Yes I have to agree..............................when I posted at 12.43 I WAS enjoying the coverage............................but it has been an hour now since it was updated, they have given Dodworth such a good write up too, I can't wait for the results!!!
  9. gawber

    gawber Active Member

    Just had a phonecall

    DODWORTH 1st


    that's all I know for now
  10. cwmamanbird

    cwmamanbird Member

    Congratulations to Llwydcoed for coming 3rd

    Well done, Val, you done us proud!!
  11. satchmo shaz

    satchmo shaz Active Member

    1. Dodworth Colliery M.W., Eliot Darwin, 18
    Region: Yorkshire

    2. Oldham Band (Lees), John Collins, 11
    Region: North West

    3. Llwydcoed Band, Alan Davies, 21
    Region: Wales

    4. Barnard Castle, Gary Hutchinson, 22
    Region: North of England

    5. Bream Silver, Huw Cole, 3
    Region: West of England

    6. Barton Town, Mark Bentham, 6
    Region: North of England
    just off 4br others to follow
  12. gawber

    gawber Active Member


    1. Dodworth Colliery M.W., Eliot Darwin, 18, 184
    Region: Yorkshire

    2. Oldham Band (Lees), John Collins, 11, 182
    Region: North West

    3. Llwydcoed Band, Alan Davies, 21, 181
    Region: Wales

    4. Barnard Castle, Gary Hutchinson, 22, 180
    Region: North of England

    5. Bream Silver, Huw Cole, 3, 179
    Region: West of England

    6. Barton Town, Mark Bentham, 6, 178
    Region: North of England

    7.Verwood Concert Brass, David Marshall, 10, 177
    Region: West of England

    8. Formby, Louise Hough, 1, 176
    Region: North West

    9.Hungerford Town, Tim Crouter, 17, 175
    Region: London and Southern Counties

    10. Amington, Wesley Kendrick, 8, 174
    Region: Midlands

    11. Wellington (Telford), Stephen Curtis, 12, 173
    Region: Midlands

    12. Emley Brass, Garry Hallas, 9, 171
    Region: Yorkshire

    13. Thundersley Brass, Keith Schroeder, 2, 170
    Region: London and Southern Counties

    14. Waterbeach Brass, James Utting, 4, 168
    Region: London and Southern Counties

    15. Sidmouth Town, Adrian Harvey, 13, 166
    Region: West of England

    16. Wincanton Silver, Joanne Sykes, 7, 165
    Region: West of England

    17. Lostock Hall Memorial, Phil Edwards, 16, 164
    Region: North West

    18. Bon Accord Silver B, Bruce Wallace, 20, 163
    Region: Scotland

    19. Crosskeys Silver, Keri Bowden, 14, 162
    Region: Wales

    20. Newstead Youth, Paul Whyley, 15, 161
    Region: Midlands

    21. Turriff Silver, Frank Cranna, 19, 160
    Region: Scotland

    22. Watford, Martyn France, 5, 159
    Region: London and Southern Counties

    courtesy 4barsrest
  13. heard about half the bands and played for Lostock Hall on bass trombone

    didnt think we played well enough to win but i thought we were safe for a top 11 position, in the end 17th was extremely disappointing, but its been a fantastic effort and the commitment in the bandroom the last 3 weeks has been superb.

    a very enjoyable experience playing with you guys and girls and the only thing that let the day down was the final position. dont let it dampen the spirit of the band though coz your a great bunch and some very talented and also some good young players coming though. lets keep up the hard work and great efforts and get a better position at fleetwood this next weekend

    see ya friday night! :D


    did anyone listen to us?, if you did could you PM me what you thought, as i didnt think we were so bad as to finish quite as low as we did, at least a couple of bands that i heard didnt seem to be of the same standard of performance in my opinion
  14. Kiz7

    Kiz7 Member

    Well done BREAM!
  15. 2nd man down

    2nd man down Moderator Staff Member

    A huge well done to Dodworth, I didn't hear you play but I gather you thoroughly deserved your win. Congratulations! :clap:

    We have played the piece much better in the band room than we did on the day, the usual contest nerves were a factor (although not nearly as bad as some of our dim and distant past performances) and I think our 12th place, although a little disappointing from our own perspective, was a pretty fair placing in the end (At least we didn't finish last again...*phew*!!!!!)

    Well done to all the competing bands, we enjoyed our day, and no-one really lost yesterday, all the bands playing were winners to just be there. :clap:
  16. BoozyBTrom

    BoozyBTrom Member

    Congratulations to all at Dodworth and especially thier MD Mr Darwin who looked very dapper (if a little sweaty!!!) in his specially purchased shirt and tie. :tup:tup:tup

    May the success continue.
  17. Bobbi's girl

    Bobbi's girl Member

    Thanks Crawford, Didn't hear any other bands but knew we'd played well. Sorry it wasn't Yorkshire 1st & 2nd but that's banding.

    We had a great day too with a great result, & no doubt the rest Dodworth Band are nursing headaches this morning!:D
  18. Just back now.
    Congrats to Dodworth :clap:, I didnt hear it personally but from what I heard from others, it was a very good performance. We played ok but there were too many clips and slips in the 1st movement alone (oh god, the tears backstage afterwards!), the 2nd movement was better and I felt the 3rd movement was our best. I thought we would come lower than 2nd so the £750 + £1000 for Best Instrumentalist (Congrats John!) was unexpected and much appreciated. The only thing that sticks in the craw is that we've played it better than that all week (especially the start), we just didnt nail it like we could have and should have and we came off knowing we had 'left the door open'. Although a lot was good (tempos, dynamics, back row and percussion for example), it just wasnt sparkling, unlike last year when we really WERE gutted.

    On a personal note I got the star player award from 4br (Bass Trom) in the live write up so I wangled a few beers out of that one, cheers lads! :wink:

    Well done to all the winners and we cant wait to cross swords with some of you again at Pontins. :D
  19. out of the bands i heard, the better bands were barton, verwood, emley and oldham. thought emley might have finished a couple of places higher than 12th, verwoods 2nd movement let them down i think and so 7th was perhaps fair for them and barton definately deserved their top 6, a very clean performance from them, though they were better than the last 2 bands who played, thought they were good enough for top half, but not top 6. didnt get to hear dodworth but my parents did and they had them down as in the top 2 so sounds like you guys deserved it, well done to you, think oldham had a very big band sound and it was perhaps just a few too many clips here and there for the top position i reckon, strong enough for 2nd though as it proved to be in the end, well done to john though, met him a few times when he was hebdens sop and i was 1 of hebdens local deps.

    i hate to bring up this negative point here, but does anyone here think that your bandsmans ticket should allow you to at least hear the other bands in your own section that your playing in? paid about 20 quid on tickets this weekend and ive only heard about 16 bands in total, and thats not coz i spent 2 long at the bar or trade stands before you ask lol, dont ya think its a bit steep moneywise considering that we are providing the entertainment here at these contests?
  20. dyl

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