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  1. 1/4 tone sharp

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    Can anyone help where I may find a recording of "Odin:From the Land of Fire and Ice", by Arthur Butterworth? I remember hearing Desford's winning performance at the RAH but have never seen it on sale or heard it played since! From what I remember - now a very vague memory - it was a cracker!
  2. Bass Trumpet

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    As far as I know, there is only the recording from the 1989 National Finals. It was recorded on the 'Heavyweight' label, which I don't think exists any more. Shame the piece has been rather neglected, but I think you and I are in the minority as I remember it not being very popular with bands at the time. If you come across another performance available, I would be interested in buying a copy.

    But, more importantly, WELCOME TO THE MOUTHPIECE!
  3. Anonymous_user

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    I have a "live" recording from the 1989 Nationals - hand held microphone job - quality not bad - I'll listen to it again to make sure it's OK.

    If neither of you have any joy with a "real" recording I can forward you a copy on CD or mp3.
  4. Alan MacRae

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    I agree, sadly neglected piece. I would love a recording of it, too, so if you find a version anywhere, please let us know.
  5. ian perks

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    i was there at the National when it was played and heard all the bands Desford were outstanding that day.
    But it was a awful piece to listen to
  6. IanHeard

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    I was there too!
    Anyone else remember the band who "collapsed" a couple of minutes into their performance, started again at the beginning of the peice and if my memory serves me right came midway in the final results!

    Great Band Desford in those days!
  7. Smiling Sop

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    Adding to Bass Trumpet's comment regarding Heavyweight Records Ltd who recorded the 1989 Gala Concert, the only address given for them on the sleeve was a PO Box in Kettering.

    I also looked at R Smith & Co's 2002 listing by composer of recorded works and Odin is not listed against those of Arthur Butterworth. Unless there is a newer recording you may be lucky to find one.

    Like Kirmat I remember the "False Start." One of the strangest things I can remember seeing at a contest. Sad to think that it is now the best part of 20 years ago!
  8. Anonymous_user

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  9. ian perks

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    The band only played about 3 bars and it was the Baritones who went wrong by coming in as the conductor was beating the opening bars out to the band
    Our ex conductor played in that band on the day of the final on Soprano
    The band in question was
    Hyundai Heart Of England Conducted by Dave Stowell.
    Just a pity they had to start again as it was a very good performance but considering the mistake that had taken place before hand you could not excpect them to be in the prizes.
    However still a awful piece to listen to:biggrin:
  10. brassneck

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    - you mean the recording that also has massed bands playing Variations On A Ninth, Edward Gregson as soloist with his Concertante For Piano & Brass Band, Bram Tovey's Coventry Variations etc.?? It was produced by Trygg Recordings and engineered by Andrew Halifax. CD catalogue no. is HR002/D. Address then if Heavyweight Records was PO Box 57, Kettering, Northants, NN15 5PL. I paid £10.95 for the CD when I saw it at a trade stand a few years back.
  11. AndyCat

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    I have Odin recorded somewhere, but probably off an (original) cassette or even LP in those days!
  12. brassneck

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    - it's good, nostaglic listening to Desford playing The Dragon (1986 Euro), Harmony Music, Seascapes, Odin and Energy from that period! ;)
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  13. Pondasher

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    I have this 1989 CD for sale - my reference V65CD.

    CD's are not listed on my website so if 1/4 tone sharp will send me a private message I can give all the details.

    Keith Quinn
  14. brassneck

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    - you'll find that there will be a lot of interest for this particular album ... not only for Odin but for Mr. Gregson playing the piano on it!

    ROBTHEDOG Member

    Oh my GOD don't mention that piece to me ... I was in the famous "false start" performance with Heart of England at the RAH... Played ****** well though .. just a few more bars than anyone else..
  16. Anonymous_user

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    Checked my Odin recording from the nationals in 1989. It's OK. It's played by CWS (Glasgow) - 10th place. This was the year before they won so it's not a bad band. It's the same band that came 2nd in the Europeans in Bergen in 1989. Any one who wants an mp3 or CD PM me. It's a good enough recording for reference purposes if you don't want to pay inflated net prices.
  17. robcav

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    I agree, but what do you make of that dreadful version of Volcano?
  18. brassneck

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    - by Desford?
  19. brassneck

    brassneck Active Member

    in 1990 :oops: (had to find that one again but only on the Robert Simpson disc)
  20. gargoyle

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    Can anyone do me a cd copy of odin? Its my favourite test piece!
    Would be very grateful if anyone could!