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    I am teaching 3 Y11 pupils AS music (in one our "fast track" schemes) and would like to appeal to the generous spirit of all you music teachers (and AS students)!

    Our set works on the OCR syllabus are Haydn Tpt Concerto (movt 3),Beethoven Pno Concerto in Cm (movt 1),Weber Der Freischutz Ov, So What (Miles Davis), East St Louis Toodle-oo (1926 version-Ellington) and Black Bottom Stomp (Jelly Roll Morton).

    I am short of past paper/constructed questions (done by teachers etc) for the above works to help prepare for the B section Question in next week's exam and my pupils are thirsty for further practice questions!

    I am currently not in school (announcement to follow!) but would REALLY appreciate any materials of this nature. I will pay any admin/postage fees if necessary and be forever in your debt!

    You can e-mail me on my address below or pm me if you like.

    I know banding music teachers and students are such big hearted, public spirited individuals.

    Yours grovelingly

    Leigh Baker