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Discussion in 'The Rehearsal Room' started by euphfanhan, Jan 16, 2006.

  1. euphfanhan

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    Hey, does anyone know if during the performance part of this exam, as part of the 5-8 minute recital, a second instrument is allowed? I mean such as cornet/flugel/trumpet or bari/euph? I've found two pieces I want to play but one sounds much better on baritone. Checked the website but it's pretty useless! Any help appreciated.
  2. scalli

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    hav u tried asking your music teacher??
  3. jingleram

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    If it classed as a recital, then that should be fine, not so sure if it is classed as a performance...
  4. euphfanhan

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    Yeh, I asked my teacher and she keeps saying she'll find out, but it's been months and she still hasn't. I emailed the exam board but didn't get a reply. Just wondered if anyone knew from past experience.
  5. han, i'll check what board ours is, but if it's the same then you can use different instruments! We asked the same and we were told you can use a mixture i.e. one piece with one instrument and one piece with another. Even if we're using different examination boards surely the rules should be similar, anyway i'll check!
  6. tim

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    For A level exams you're generally allowed to play doubling insturments. I.e. and oboist could play a cor anglais or a flautist a piccolo etc. However baritone may not be considered a doubling instrument to euphonium so be careful with that!
  7. euphfanhan

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    I could take it to the toilets half way through to 'clean the valves' and say it shrunk in the wash???
  8. Key2207

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    When I was doing AS music I was told from a girl in A2 that I could play flugel or even trumpet ( I play cornet). i'm not sure if you could play Bari and Euph though. She played Euph and Trombone I think...
  9. Cornet_player

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    I did OCR A-level last year. For the performance module you have to do 2 parts the 1st is a 5-8 min recital (i think on one instrument) you then have to do a 2-3 min recital which can either be a ensamble performance, on a second instrument or performance of your own work i.e. composition.

    For A2 its just a 15min recital on one instrument (I think)

    Hope that helps!

    Good Luck
  10. jonford

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    Yes that's how it was when I did it a few years ago. Are there any other brass players around? A few of us played a quartet for our AS which worked quite well.

    A2 is a pain, good time length of 15 minutes, but if it's still the same. We had to write a performance investigation, comparing other peoples recordings (the same piece or some how related!) which was interesting but limits you a bit. Especially on euphonium where you will find a lot of recordings sounding very similar and not as much difference in interpretations than say a classical piano concerto. It also usually means you can't perform anything really new as no recordings exist, or only one will!

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