Occasion by Edward Gregson

Discussion in 'The Rehearsal Room' started by fartycat, Oct 6, 2011.

  1. fartycat

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    Does anyone know if Occasion by Edward Gregson has been performed recently? And if so, who by?

    I played it in the 1986 youth championships at the Albert Hall, have the music and wish to conduct it at an own choice contest next month.


    I'm trying to get hold of a second score but everyone I speak to says it's out of print and Novello (who published the piece) aren't returning my phone calls.
  2. brassneck

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    Great resource for information such as that you are looking for is here.
  3. wilky

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    I played at that contest as well with Besses Boys and got 2nd, good piece and was a good test!!!
  4. fartycat

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    Thanks Brassneck!

    Wilky, can't remember where my band (Oakmead) came, therefore I suspect it wasn't in the places! Great piece though.
  5. The Wherryman

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    Is this the one you're after?
  6. fartycat

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    Yes thanks Wherryman, strange that the publisher tapped on their computer and then told me it was out of print. I guess that just shows that instead of contacting publishers direct I should always go straight to Just Music or Studio Music!
  7. The Wherryman

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    Glad to be of assistance, fartycat. I have had pleasurable dealings with both of those companies. However, another resource I have found useful is the search facility here
  8. Accidental

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    Shanklin did it at Folkestone last weekend. Haven't heard it for donkeys, had completely forgotten what a good piece it is!
  9. euphymike

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    East London won with it three years ago as Folkstone. Alas, our hymn didnt fare so well. But we were happy!
  10. the Junior RNCM band conducted by Les Neish played it last year at their inaugural concert.
  11. James Yelland

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    THe sleeve notes in the 'Early Years' CD which includes this piece mention that the opening fanfare is a reworking for band of a fanfare which he wrote for Paul Patterson's wedding. What it doesn't mention is that this same piece also appeared as 'Fanfare for GUS' which I think was supplied for the band's jubilee celebrations many years ago. I wonder if GUS paid him any money for the commission?!
  12. Columbo

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    Good Times Mark, Great Occasion! Remember it like it was yesterday!