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  1. ErnieKing

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    Just to let anyone out there know that my Dad Ernie King passed away yesterday after a long illness. I am sure anyone that knew him in the Banding world would like to know of his passing as he was well known to a lot of you for his musical arrangements and his knowledge and past army playing and teaching of young musicians

    Kind Regards

    Pat King
  2. Roger Thorne

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    So sorry to hear this news Pat. I've known Ernie for many, many years and he was a real gent. He'll be sadly missed.
  3. ErnieKing

    ErnieKing New Member

    Thanks Roger,

    nice to know there are people out there who remember him


  4. blinddogjohn

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    This is sad news. Ernie will be missed by many that knew him at Jackfield.
  5. Unregistered

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    Dads funeral will be on Saturday 27th March at Telford Crem if anyone wishes to attend they will be most welcome

    Roger I am having your arrangement of Evening Hymn and Last post played at the end of the service I know Dad liked that and I have a recording of it by his old regiment the Prince of Wales Divsion so thought it would be most apt

    Kind Regards

    Pat King
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    John Slater

    So sorry to hear about Ernie. I met him many times with the late Murray Slater. He did some super arrangements for Matlock Band in years gone by. Condolences to his family.
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    So sorry to hear about Ernie. I played with him in a few bands in Telford and I think Wem. He was a really good friend. He gave me lots of confidence as a young player. I especially liked is sense of humour. In fact I named my Cornet after him 15 years ago.

    I will be thinking of him this weekend as I take the stage in the London and Southern Areas Championship Section.

    Alison Mudway Solo Cornet MK Brass ( Milton Keynes)