Oberoesterreich consider Euro future

Discussion in 'The Rehearsal Room' started by iggmeister, May 19, 2008.

  1. iggmeister

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    Has anybody else read the article on 4barsrest?


    I was surprised at the tone (which seemed a little presumptuous) but the rationale behind it also raises some interesting issues. I'm not saying they are necessarily wrong but it is quite bold based upon what information appears to be in the public domain.

    I may be way out on this one but just interested in people's thoughts.

  2. johnmartin

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    As we scots would say.
  3. Gorgie boy

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    "Band not happy with result shocker!"

    Hardly an earth shattering occasion for a band to be unhappy with an adjudicator or two. They are not the first, and nor, methinks, will they be the last.
  4. Anonymous_user

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    Toys are well out of the pram! I personally think that they are listening to certain band press and believing that they are wonderful.

    I listened to them at Brass in Concert 2007 and because of what was said in the band press prior I was expecting something amazing.

    What I listened to was not just a poor programme but also the playing was rather poor. Intonation balance and in general just playing together was at times very suspect.

    They played Wagner’s Minster and it showed up to me the many simple problems they had, it was awful.

    They make a unique sound which I liked however it was very unbalanced.

    With what I listened to at Brass in Concert I was not surprised that they didn’t have a look in at the European.

    I think this is a classic case of over hype by the brass band press again!!
  5. postie

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    They want to get real it is a little bit of blackmail to be honest. Basically saying if the adjudicators don't see it our way we may not turn up. I would tell them to take a running jump!!!!!!!
  6. johnmartin

    johnmartin Active Member

    Well, the Europeans are due to take place in Linz , Austria in 2010(?). Perhaps they feel they have a little bit of leverage.
  7. Jonesy

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    Whilst I think they're a quality band, some of the sycophantic coverage of them on, ahem, certain band websites, and from particular reporters, has been nothing short of cringeworthy and sickening in equal measure. After an early draw at Brass in Concert last year, I went in and watched most of the bands that were on after us. To see the look on a certain brass band journalist's face had me reaching for the sick bucket to be perfectly honest. When Gansch stood up to play his solo, said reporter was sitting on the edge of his seat, grinning like a cheshire cat, priming his camera for the online gallery and practically quivering like a young child in desperate need of a trip to the toilet.......... you knew he'd pretty much written the review for the website in his head before the guy had even played a note!! He probably could've played three blind mice with his armpit and it would've still been lauded as an effort of gargantuan proportions. Sure enough Gansch picked up whatever individual prize was on offer..... but the review was astonishing. There was the obligatory picture of Gansch with the caption "Hans Gansch - superstar" followed by the comment "Hans Gansch was a star (but we told you that anyway before he had even played a note)".

    They did go on to criticise some of the band's general play, but I'll leave it up to everybody else to decide whether or not Gansch's solo was "......brilliant, with a performance of ‘Song & Dance’ that took the breath away". Maybe I'm missing something here. It was decent enough and he can play a bit, but it wasn't spectacular by any stretch. What annoys me is that if it'd been some unknown soloist with a lesser band, giving the same quality of performance, it wouldn't have received the same OTT reaction from the banding press.
  8. Anonymous_user

    Anonymous_user New Member

    What annoys me is that if it'd been some unknown soloist with a lesser band, giving the same quality of performance, it wouldn't have received the same OTT reaction from the banding press.[/quote]

    Nail on head. Like I said the playing was poor IMHO. It wasnt a band on an off day, it was a band with built in problems that take time to sort out.

    I feel the press listen with eyes at times.
  9. StefkeUK

    StefkeUK New Member

    If they want to win, they need to learn that you can loose. If not, they will be disapointed even by coming second. What should say grimethorpe then. They could have won aswell, same for Willebroek (88 for the test piece is a non sense).

    But they will be there next year (if they qualified of course)

  10. I agree. I was playing so missed the Song & Dance but my wife and youngest lad heard it and said it was good. I have now listened to the DVD and found it Ok but not shattering. I think that many "banding experts" are so keen for something new to come along that they are over-egging the pudding in respect of this band. If you enter a contest then you must accept the decisions made by the judges.
    It sounds like another variation on "we woz robbed" to me.
  11. Misplaced letter if you ask me which I feel they will look back on and regret, what are they expecting the reaction to be? (Shades of Desford in 1989 anyone??!)

    I haven't heard them (according to 4bars rest this is the future sound of banding), but do they really sound better than Cory & Grimey, or is it just different? What do they do that no one else does?

    It's fascinating this one....

  12. brassbandmaestro

    brassbandmaestro Active Member

    Yes, indeed, Toys out of the Pram, attitude stinks. if that how they feel, then they should'nt take part in the nex contest!! My goodness, thats childrens behaviour!!
  13. Ooh Aah

    Ooh Aah New Member

    Heard themat the Europeans. In the set test the intonation was awful in the lower end which took away from an otherwise good performance. In the own choice it was a bit fast and furious. Excellen players but, for me, they are not yet a band that can challenge the established bands in Europe just yet.

    If it should be based on the interpretation rather than the quality of the playing would this not be more of a conductors contest?

    Would like them to continue playing at the europeans but only on the existing terms.
  14. Sonny Barker

    Sonny Barker Member

    I agree.

    So, they had an unpleasant experience on their own choice. I heard their set test via the live stream and that was a rather unpleasant experience too.

    Reading their letter, it seems that tuning and dynamics aside, they rated themselves as pretty highly. Unfortunately, adjudicators tend to be sticklers for tuning and dynamics. Also, they harp on about 'new developments' - Dreams was written before 2003, making it one of the oldest pieces on show. The judges had scores judged them accordingly.

    I think they will regret such a knee-jerk reaction. There's no smoke without fire, except when Iwan Fox has matches in one hand and a fan in the other ...

    ps - does anyone know where the European 'live comments' have gone from 4br?
  15. Alyn James

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  16. iggmeister

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    Sit on the fence everyone why dont you!

    I may be wrong, but I seem to recall that they were not keen to go from the lower section to the higher section as they were not so keen on the competitive element playing testpieces but wanted to make music. In fact from 4br 2006 retro of the B section, I found this:

    "They really should compete in the Championship Section – food for thought for the band and those who make the decisions within EBBA, although the band has made it clear that due to their personnel make up (they include many of the finest professional musicians from Austria and Germany), they have no appetite or enthusiasm for playing extended brass band test pieces. One of their most respected members who listened to the own choice works from the bands later in the day just shook his head and wondered where the music was."

    So long as they are happy with their performance, does the result really matter?

    I hope were all not seen to be having a witch hunt but it seems a bit silly all of this.

  17. brassbandmaestro

    brassbandmaestro Active Member

    Ah well, in that case. the tuning awful in the lower end of the band, the adjudicator's would definetly have their marks down on that one. But its definetly a case of someon e throwing their toys out of the pram.

    Oberoestreich, come on, you had a bad day at the contest. We all do. no matter what standard you are. Ive been to contests where top bands like Black Dyke have been placed 5th(!), in years gone by. Just get back to normal, think objectively of what happened, and then move on and hope you do better at Ostende, next year.
  18. paul.fielden

    paul.fielden New Member

    Been to contest where Dyke placed 5th

    Ive been to contests where top bands like Black Dyke have been placed 5th(!), in years gone by.

    In 2003 Black Dyke were placed 13th in the Yorkshire Area Contets
  19. FlugelD

    FlugelD Member

    (At time of writing...:) )

    Own choice and set piece
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  20. Dai Thomas

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    Take it on the chin

    Why don't they just take it on the chin and get on with it, every band has a few bad results along the way, it's just tuff.

    Not one contest goes by when one or more bans are p***ed off with the adjudicators

    Get on with it !!!! (Pull out if they like, some other band would be more than happy to take it's place)

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