O' Glorious Christmas, 22nd Dec, Salisbury City Hall

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  1. persins

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    South West Trains Woodfalls Band are teaming up with the Salvacosta Choir to bring the Christmas Spirit to Salisbury City Hall on Friday 22nd December.

    This concert has attracted a large audience for a number of years now and combines the traditional Christmas themes with some outstanding non-Christmas music.

    This year, SWT Woodfalls are proud to share the stage with Salvacosta. The Choir was originally formed from within the ranks of the Salvation Army around the South Coast. Their reputation has grown as one of the best choirs within the Salvation Army, having also been asked to perform alongside the world famous International Staff Band.
    Under the direction of Darren Barlett, Salvacosta have developed a varied repertoire ranging from traditional choral pieces to Gospel and musical theatre.

    Tickets are available from www.cityhallsalisbury.co.uk
  2. persins

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    Just a quick note to let people know that tickets are still available priced at £8 or £10.

    They can be purchased from the website shown above or from the ticket office on 01722 434434.
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    This should be a great event, Salvacosta are an awesome choir, released a few cd's with Darren Bartlett, well worth popping alon to have a listen, the band's not half bad either!
  4. diddle e donk

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    who and where are woodfalls band never heard of them are they none contesting?
  5. Lawrencediana

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    Have a look at the 4br rankings.

    4th at the masters 2004

    Top class band from near Salisbury Wiltshire
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    Cheers Lawrence!!

    Glad to see that you remembered where we were last Sunday too!! Always nice to have you back playing with us!

    The Concert was a success with the usual mix of Christmas carols, Chistmas pieces and also some non-Christmas music to widen the appeal.

    Salvacosta were fantastic. Darren really is doing a wonderful job with the choir. It was an absolute pleasure to share the stage with them. I do not often enjoy choir singing, but this really was awesome!