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  1. Chris Thomas

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    Just got back from tutoring at the NYBBW. It's a pretty special band this year and if you can, get along to one of the concerts. They are:

    July 28 | Galeri, Caernarfon 7.30pm - £6 - 01286 685222
    July 29 | Elfed Theatre, Elfed High School, Buckley 7.30pm - £5 - 01244 543322
    July 30 | Prichard-Jones Hall, Bangor 3.00pm - £3 - 029 2063 5640

    Repertoire to include the premieres of Concerto for Piano Four Hands and Brass Band by Bill Connors with pianists Helen and Harvey Jones (Caernarfon only) and Concerto for Tenor Horn and Brass Band by Gareth Wood with soloist Owen Farr (Buckley and Bangor only), and works by Grace Williams (Fantasy on Welsh Nursery Tunes in a new arrangement by Brian Buckley), Philip Sparke (Music of the Spheres), Karl Jenkins (Adiemus - the Eternal Knot), Elgar Howarth (aka W. Hogarth Lear) and Edward Gregson (Of Men and Mountains).

    Plus much more!

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  2. dyl

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    A few of us from Deiniolen are going to the Galeri concert tonight - should be good having seen the music listed.
  3. alexandria

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    NYBBW Course

    If you are in the area, please go along and support the band. They would have worked their socks off this week and fully deserve an audience to perform too. I am gutted I am not there to see them, so please send my regards.

    Administrator NYBBW
  4. nickjones

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    Would like to say the band sounds really good this year,anyone in North Wales should come along and support the band , having played the Bill Connor Concerto before( was written for the 2004 Llandudno music festival), it's another great addition to the repoirtoire , Hearing the playing of Harvey and Helen Davies is another bonus.
    Check the band out 50 of the best young musicians in Wales on Show.
  5. jim

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    All the best guy's & gals! decided not to do it this year due to work ect.

    Whish I was playing some of those works!
  6. went down to listen to couple of rehearsals and certainly did sound mighty impressive....especially the horns (but that's to be expected isn't it?! :eek:P) Will be at concert at Galeri and on sunday!
  7. stotty74

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    About 20 of us are going from Northop to the Buckley concert - a lot less further to travel this year than going to Treorchy last year!! Looking forward to it.
  8. dyl

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    Very good concert at Galeri tonight - band sounded really good - some excellent music too. Must have been a killer of a programme for such a young band - 7.30pm start and they finish the concert off at 9.55pm with Music of the Spheres! Well done all.
  9. Anno Draconis

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    If I wasn't working all day :mad: I'd go to the Buckley concert, sounds great. Good luck to everyone involved. I've got very fond, if increasingly distant, memories of NYBBW concerts and they were never less than memorable!