NYBBS Fundraising for Japan Tour 2008

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    NYBBS are organising a ceilidh in Glasgow as a fundraiser for its prospective tour of Japan in 2008.

    It will take place on the evening of Friday 15 June in Glasgow. Some members of the NYBBS are participating in a concert for the Daily Record newspaper earlier in the day.

    Tickets are priced at £7 each and the ceilidh will take place at Shettleston Town Hall. For people who don't know Glasgow very well, Shettleston is just five minutes outside the city centre (I believe).

    The hall is booked from 7pm until 12 midnight to try and accommodate everyone.

    As I have already said, it is a fundraiser for the band's tour of Japan next year and it would be great to get as many people as possible to support it.

    Its not just for NYBBS people, its for all banders and non banders who want to help NYBBS on its way.

    Support the NYBBS and make it a great night to remember.

    If you would like more information or tickets for the event, contact
    Scott Forrest on nybbsfundraising@hotmail.co.uk or 07878920986.

    You can make cheques payable to "Nybbs Fundraising" and send them to:

    Scott Forrest
    19 Leithen Mills
    EH44 6JJ

    There will also be a raffle happening, so if you could contribute prizes for that we would be very grateful. Contact any member of the NYBBS Fundraising Committee (Me, Scott Forrest, Stewart Brynes, Lucy Forbes, Rhona Barr, Richard Kidd, Stewart Black, Paula Leslie and Fraser Russell) if you would like more information.

    Graham Fraser
    On behalf of the NYBBS Fundraising Committee
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    Sorry, the ceilidh will end and the hall will need to be clear by 11.30pm, not 12 midnight.


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