NYBBGB leaders/concerts 2010

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  1. andreab

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    Can anybody tell me who are the section leaders for this year's course please? They haven't been published on 4br as they normally are.

    Is anyone going to the concerts this weekend, Friday Yeovil or Saturday Cheltenham?

  2. bandtaximum

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    From the very brief phonecalls I have had from my daughter I know:

    Horn - Neil Reisbeck
    Baritone - Sarah Lenton
    Euph - Nick Birch
    Principal Cornet - James Fountain
  3. JesTperfect!

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    Zoe Hancock is principal flugel....and I'd imagine that Mark Harrison is top sop!
  4. andreab

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    Thanks - and I think also Chris Jones on trombone?
  5. PeterBale

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    From this week's BB, and to complete the line-up (all the above being correct):

    James Blake (bass trombone)
    Joshua Flynn (Eb bass)
    Owen Wallage (Bb bass)
    Christopher Brice & Ashley Clegg (percussion)
  6. jockinafrock

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    Mark isn't there this year but not sure who the young lass is that got top sop this time. Mark Fountain has once again shown himself to be a wonderful player and got top cornet - well done young man! :clap:

    Not sure if my lad was having a dig at our situation at Crewe where we have 2 principal cornets (!) but he phoned me to say that he had got 'assistant principal second cornet'! Up six places on the last course - ye ha! :clap: Our young Nick Birch from Crewe got a well deserved top euph, so chuffed for him too. :D
  7. andreab

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    I'm told the sop player at the start of the week before Mark Harrison arrived was Rebecca Crawshaw, a 'retired' member of NYBBGB.

    Well done everyone, the concerts were excellent, a really entertaining programme of high quality brass band music played with flare by a very talented group of young people.
  8. Masterblaster jnr

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    Obviously young James made his 'mark' on you then :)
  9. RThomp7462

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    Excellent concert in Cheltenham

    I attended last night's concert in Cheltenham Town Hall . . . acoustics not good, particularly for euphonium players with lots of fast notes (ie David Childs). I thought the programme was very demanding on both players and audience. I'm not sure whether having a guest soloist (who took up almost 30 mins of the programme) is a good idea when there is so much talent in the band. Did David Childs sell more tickets (I doubt it . . . in Cheltenham!) or was it great that such a talent had an input into the the week long course (up for debate?).

    I thought his uncle, Nick, did an excellent job, both as conductor and compere, and it was good to see not just parents and relations of the players in the audience (I spotted many players from local bands).

    As an ex-member (1963-67) when Phil McCann was principal cornet and Keith Wilkinson on solo euph, Kevin Wadsworth on horn and many other players of repute, and guest conductors that included Gilbert Vinter, Eric Ball, Geoffery Brand amongst others (Denis Wright was still MD) I was amazed at the standard of the current band.

    A great concert!!!

    Well done to all the tutors and house staff and players!!!!
  10. andreab

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    I agree, the acoustics at Cheltenham made it difficult to fully appreciate what the band and David Childs were doing. It was better at the Octagon, (although not such a beautiful building) as was the lighting such that you could also see what D Childs was playing - his face moves with every note!

    I'm glad you pointed out that there were people in the audience who weren't related to the band - it's difficult to tell unless you know people. The members of the band know that their parents will enjoy the concert whatever they do, so I think appreciation from elsewhere is much more valuable to them.

    Is there much interest in brass bands in the Cheltenham area? I overheard someone at Yeovil saying that they didn't get many bands playing around there and the audience was quite small, perhaps reflecting a lack of interest?
  11. ronnie_the_lizard

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    I don't know what local advertising was like - posters etc - but I thought the internet presence for these gigs was appalling - I had to deliberately search google for "National Brass Band Cheltenham" to get to the theatre, and then had problems finding the booking page and was twice told tickets weren't available before finally being able to buy one.

    The acoustic thing is common everywhere - the same comments could be made about Joe Cook and David Thornton in recent concerts with the NCBBGB - Low Brass soloists just struggle to come across against any band but especially with such a large ensemble.

    The band size / acoustic also sadly meant some of the fine detail was lost (/?covered up....) in what was otherwise a fantastic performance of Vienna Nights, and Age of Kings was absolutely phenomenal. Well done everyone.