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    Listening to the NYBBGB at the RNCM last night was a joy...! It was Boy Wonder's first course, and we knew we'd be in for a great night, but didn't realise how much so!

    From the very start of Little Suite for Brass, the statuesque first two notes in 'My Strength, My Tower', an impressive 'Laudate Dominum (Awesome... shut your eyes and it could've been Fodens!) to the technicalities of 'Macbeth' and 'Pictures In The Smoke', this was a band whose playing belied their years! I wish my band could play like this...! :biggrin:

    The soloists were great, and their families and teachers can be very proud of them - each one gave us a taste of their ability and potential. I've heard much about James Fountain on Principal cornet, and was not disappointed. What a player, with a sound and technical ability beyond his years! :clap:

    The encores did not disappoint either - to hear the band singing 'Punchinello' was a hoot, but to see and hear this body of youngsters follow Clarence Adoo's beat in a very emotional final hymn brought tears to many an eye...

    Hats off to this fine organisation - Boy Wonder really had to stretch to the challenge but has loved every minute, and I'm sure will come home a better bandsperson in every sense of the word! :clap:
  2. Just come back from harrogate, listened and supported one of our young band players on his first course, fantastic playing all round, inspired by the marvelous Mr Tovey, great back up from all involved, a great programme of brass original works old and new, but where were you all in support? nothing could be better than to support this band, a third full hall in yorkshire home of banding to support our youngsters. Shame.
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    I have to agree it was a shame to see this concert in the now wonderfully refurbusihed Royal Hall not played to a packed house - maybe it was the date?, but whatever the reasons, those who were there enjoyed a cracking concert.

    For me some of the playing in Laudate Dominium was spine-tinglingly awesome; James Fountain (again) led the band with such style - what a player! - and Bram Tovey made so much music out of the whole evening, especially for me the emotional silence at the end of 'Penlee'.

    ... and don't worry too much about numbers - we'll be fighting for seats again at the fantastic Snape Maltings venue in August!
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    If it's any consolation, the Cadogan Hall concert with the National Youth Wind Orchestra last Thursday was also quite quite poorly supported. Excellent playing, though, especially from the young trombone section.
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    Fantastic week all round-Well done guys!!!

    All the principal's were phenomenal at both concerts-and with a cornet solo in every piece apart from Pictures in the Smoke, i'm surprised James's lip hasn't been worn down to his teeth. Fantasticly led mate!!!!!

    Really enjoyed it and hopefully we'll be performing to a much larger crowd at the masters gala concert, Birmingham Town Hall and the concerts at the end of summer course and Bridgewater hall in september. What a year!!!!!
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    Might have gone, had I known anything about it. I'm a big fan of Bram Tovey, I remember his NYBBW course years ago as being absolutely superb and the standard in all the National Youth Bands seems to inprove every year.

    All the NYBBs have a bit of an issue with properly advertising their concerts, imho. It's always been an issue as long as I can remember. Does anybody know what advertising/publicity is actually done for these concerts? For instance, in this case surely a letter/bandroom poster to all the bands in NW, Yorkshire and the Northern region wouldn't have been horrendously expensive? Maybe offering discounts for 10 or more tickets or something, to encourage group trips?
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    Advertising was an issue which was brought up but the band put adverts in the bandsman and 4br, which is good for those who read them, but for people who just want to go to their local concert hall to listen to a brass band, they won't know anything about it.

    However, Phillip Biggs does a phenomenal job of running the band, and by the sounds of it, he has so much paperwork to fill in he wouldn't have time for any more paperwork. he does a fantastic job of running the band. hats off to the man!!!!
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    Unfortunately some bands will only be interested in signing these stars of the future, not going along to listen to them, especially the principals - hopefully they'll not fall into the trap of shunting around from one band to another. :(

    I appreciate Harrogate and the RNCM aren't accessible to all, and we all have other commitments, but maybe the individual's bands/tutors/families/schools etc can all help with the publicity through their own websites/facebook/posters etc? The youngsters are all given a press-release to put in local papers, so the NYBBGB are doing what they can to publicise the events. :D

    The standard was phenomenal and would've put many a top band to shame. Come on folks! With Bram Tovey at the helm, a great organiser in Philip Biggs, top-class tutors, a wonderful gathering of house staff and prestigious venues to play in you're missing a treat! Drop Philip Biggs an email and find out how you can do your bit to promote both the Children's and Youth bands. :clap: If you're going to The Masters gala concert you'll see them there - the other bands just better be on fine form not to be shown up... ;)