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  1. grandfilth

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    Congratulations to all the principals on the current course, as far as i know the list is as follows:

    Phil Cobb -cornet
    Becca Crawshaw (soprano)
    Andrew Blewett (Flugel),
    Daniel Powell (Tenor Horn)
    Sophie Rhodes (Baritone)
    Emma Farrow (Euphonium)
    Steven Haynes (Trombone)
    Louise Godfrey (Bass Trombone)
    Sasha Houshk-Jalali (E Flat Bass)
    Ben Ridgeon (B Flat Bass)
    Elizabeth Haygarth (Percussion)
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    what a great list...
    like the invisible solo euph...great :shock:
  3. grandfilth

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    sorry i took 5 minutes to complete the list, what am i thinking i must go and hang myself because i have cast shame on my family...

    Incidently the list maybe incorect but congrats to whoever the principals are!
  4. nickjones

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    you are a disgrace to your uniform...SHAME ON YOU.
    Retire it's the best thing you can do...
  5. Aidan

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    disgrace to greasy haired southeners everywhere
  6. johnflugel

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    What's the repertoire for the week and how is conducting?
  7. drummergurl

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    Elgar Howarth is conducting (or course director as the website says), dont know what the repertoire is, ive just looked on the NYBB site, and it doesnt say.

    oh and the associate conductor is Dr Nicholas Childs
  8. Naomi McFadyen

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  9. Di

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    The Repetoire :D

    Festival Overture - Shostakovich
    Suite from Romeo and Juliet - Prokofiev arr Archibald
    2nd Piano Concerto - Shostakovich arr Howarth


    Three Figures - Howells
    Three Preludes - Debussy arr Snell
    (Minstrels, Steps in the Snowy & the submerged Cathedra)
    Pageantry - Howells

    Piano Soloist Miss Algaia Graf
  10. Naomi McFadyen

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  11. yay :D ... welldone Ben :D
  12. Aidan

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    ... and Phil and bec and danny and sophie and emma and ste and liz...
    don't know the others.