Nwcbba? What happens next?

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  1. Can anyone shed the light into what is now happening about the contests that the NWCBBA organised now that they have dissolved? I am refering to Fleetwood, Preston and Tameside as the ones that my band entered. I have been told that they will be still happening and being run by Lancashire Contests but using National Grades and not the local grades we had with NWCBBA. Is this Correct? If so, My band do not currently hold a National Grade as we have not done any Area Contests for some yrs. Where/Who would i need to contact to recieve a national grade. If anyone can help then it would be much appreciated. And if anyone has any other info that would be useful to me then that would be great.
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    Ian Holland
    Eb bass
    Thornton Cleveleys Band.
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    As far as I am aware the contests will be going ahead, run by Lancashire Contests, who have run them in the past. With regards to national grading, I gather that the grading you had last will still stand unless you apply to the Area Contest committee for a lower grading stating your reasons.
    I suggest you join the North West Association who will no doubt assist you with your gradings.
  3. thanks david, your suggestion is already in motion.

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