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  1. NWcontests

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    We received an invitation to an Extraordinary General Meeting on May 11th, where the agenda item was the dissolution of the NWCBBA.

    This means we will lose Fleetwood, Tameside, Preston and St Helens contests here in the North West.

    The NWCBBA committee has been asking for help more and more recently, now it is obvious they really need it, as a concerned member of a NW band we are sending a couple of people to the EGM to listen to what they have to say and to put forward a few ideas that band members have come up with about trying to keep these contests alive and running.

    We hope all member bands are seriously considering this and involving their own bands in coming up with ideas that they can present at the meeting.

    So who will be going?
  2. Eb_Alex

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    We are going to attend, a couple of us recently helped steward the Tameside contest and we have seen first hand how stretched they are. We have a few ideas that are still under discussion in the bandroom that we hope will make the future of North West contests secure and enjoyable.
  3. andybass

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    I hope more bands attend the egm than the agm a couple of weeks ago.2 bands out of 57 sent reps!
  4. $hytalk

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    Parr will definately be there in numbers, with some ideas and suggestions and the offer of practical help. Come on NWCBBA bands we need as many band reps/bodies at this meeting as possible. This is the best local assoc. in the country, with top administrators like Derek Atkinson and Frank Hodges and banding as we know it, will cease to be , unless we ALL stand up and be counted. Come on folks...last chance!
  5. Frontman

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    They could always turn back the clock and rejoin with the North West Brass Band Association and together the two should then be able to combine their resources and have a strong North West Association.

    After all the North West Counties used to be the Preston Area of the North West BBA until they broke away and formed their own.

    If it does return to being the Preston Area again, then the Manchester Area and High Peak Areas of the North West Association will also be stronger.

    It will also do away with the rediculous situation were the Local Grading and the National Grading are different. Thus a nationally graded 2nd section band will not have to compete in the Championship Section, or a nationally graded 4th section has to compete in the 2nd section.

    The break away group lead by Frank and Derek,did nothing to help strengthen banding in the North West and this could be the ideal opportunity to merge them all back together again.

    Perhaps then a sensible promotion / relegation league can be formed to include 2 NW Association Contests and the Area to come to a final result for National Gradings?

    Just an idea and possible discussion point..........
  6. Tom Kuiling

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    Wow, is that really true? No wonder these contests are in danger. The organisation must be thinking "well if they cant be bothered why should we".
  7. andybass

    andybass Member

    Def true.from Derek s own mouth.
  8. sjs

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    Sorry Dave, I can see what you're trying to get at, and yes it could well be that a unified Association would be stronger, but the two Associations don't have to be mutually exclusive. Many NW bands belong to both with no clash of interests or loyalties.
    I feel have to take issue with you on a couple of your points. Most importantly, your statement that NW Counties did nothing to strengthen banding in the NW. Without their sterling (and in many quarters sadly unrecognised) efforts over the years, banding in our part of the world would be much the poorer. Fleetwood contest would have gone many years ago, there would be no Brass at The Guild..one of NW Counties innovations, as was their strong association with Tameside Council which resulted in not only the Tameside contest but also the Tameside Youth Brass Festival and the hosting of the British Open Solo and Quartet Contest..another that now must be under threat.
    Also, I think I'm correct in remembering that local grading, certainly in the area covered by the old Preston District existed prior to the birth of NW Counties. They simply inherited the system.
  9. dlls2275

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    Coppull & Standish will be there


    Where is the egm being held
  11. $hytalk

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    Haydock Conservative club @ 8.00 p.m. Tonight!
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  12. SteveT

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    Unsung Heroes!

    I am afraid I have to take issue with Dave Ashworth here. IMHO the Northwest Contests team have always run the best organised contests in the region and have contributed much to the area bands. I have attended as player, conductor, and adjudicator and nobody organises contests better! Although the Frank and Derek team are only a part of the bigger group of people that have dedicated themselves to the cause over the years. These gents have provided a very stable and welcome series of contests which have formed the core of local band's annual events for many years!

    The world hasn't changed much in brass banding terms over these years, those who get off their seats and roll their sleeves up are simply getting fewer in number! Apathy has ALWAYS been predominant in brass bands!!

    I now live in the South, but I always looked forward to every single contest this organisation put on. Also, very often being graded in a higher section locally is a great benefit in helping to progress your band! Getting them to play more difficult repetoire and providing stepping stones between regional and national contests!

    Believe me! With the lack of contests in the South it is much more difficult to provide bands with focus and targets to achieve. If this organisation is lost.... it will be a massive blow to the region, which in my opinion has the best lower section bands in the country!

    Use them or lose them, but whatever you do, don't take them for granted!
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  14. AndyCat

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    Can anyone feedback from this meeting? I sent my band's apologies as we have Grand Shield rehearsals all week.
  15. towse1972

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    Having the AGM the week of the Spring Festival.......Genius!
  16. $hytalk

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    They had the AGM in early April, this was an emergency general meeting.
  17. towse1972

    towse1972 Active Member

    Do we know the outcome?
  18. Mattytheshark

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    Did anyone go? The silence is deafening.
  19. Andy_Euph

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    I'd have thought that if the association actually disbanded someone would have posted by now. I'd assume that they got what they wanted by calling this meeting, be it more helpers or someone to take over the running of the association. It'd be nice to hear the outcomes though :)
  20. $hytalk

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    R.i.p. Nwcbba

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