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    Last night Ihad the great pleasure to attend the Annual General Meeting of the NWCBBA at Haydock Cricket Club for the first time.
    I was a little apprehensive on arriving not knowing what to expect but from the outset, it was a wonderful meeting.
    I was made welcome by all the members about 20 in total representing the 60 bands in the NWCBBA.

    It was a real eye opener for me.

    It is very easy to sit on the sidelines and moan and whinge but to turn up and take part is a different matter. There had been so much written on TMP about this organisation that I thought the best idea was to attend and find out for myself.

    The meeting lasted 2 hours of honest and genuine debate and all matters were resolved by a democratic election on the issues,
    I would like to extend a welcome to all the 60 bands in the association to attend these meetings and thereby improve the running of the organisation for us all.
    Nothing is ever attained without willpower and effort and I must say that the executive committee certainly put that statement to good use.

    There are many issues still to be resolved and the committee is aware of this fact but there is only so much a person can do in 24 hours.
    Yes we need a web site but who will staff it and maintain it and get all the news and update the news.
    There are many tasks to be done but we are short of workers to carry out these tasks. I plead with all members of the association to think hard and long about your commitment to this association and if there is anything, you can do to help please get in touch. Contact your representative in the band to find out more details.
    Good luck and best wishes to the committee for all the work they do on our behalf and I now look forward to the next meeting to see if any more members attend and offer to help.
    This association organizes many contests in our area namely, Fleetwood, St Helens, Brass at the Guild, Tameside and I am sure we all like to attend these and try for the prize many and the kudos of winning and gaining promotion to a higher section in the banding world.
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