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  1. hi, anyone have an up to date 3rd section table with current points scored by the bands at each of the nwcbba contests? i am after knowing which bands if any are below us to see if we are looking at relegation to 4th section.
  2. JPCoulson

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    have you checked out their website? not sure if there is a list on there?
  3. what is the web address?
  4. Frontman

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    North West Counties BBA do not have a web site I believe. However i am sorry if I am misinformed.
  5. We've not done any local contests with Eccles this season due to overkill on contesting for the National Finals and Pontins.

    I think the only points we will have so far are from our 3rd place at Pontins but that was in the 4th section, we'll be 3rd section at the Area in a couple of weeks and I thnk there will be points accredited for that (as long as we get a decent placing I suppose).
  6. cheers for that. we are really miffed, we have come 5th at fleetwood, and 4th at brass at the guild, and still have a chance of going down apparently. i have been told that there are 2 bands below us, but if they do well at the areas then they will leap frog us. but we have been looking at results of this yrs contests and there are 3 bands thast have not done any contests at all. so i dont really know where we stand. if you are in the 3rd section, any chance of letting me know if you have or have not done any contests this yr. i am thinking it may be a tactic to get us to attend tameside, which we are doing anyway!!
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    NWABBA does have a website;


    The Area has nothing to do with your local ranking - they are quite separate. Local ranking is based on the 4 NWABBA contests Fleetwood/Preston/Tameside/St.Helens. Nationals on your performance at the Areas over the last 3 years.

    Prepared to be corrected, but that's how I understand it.

    To be promoted locally you have to do 3 out of the 4 contests iirc.
  8. i have now been told that the results from the areas are now used in the local grading point system!!
  9. That's the NWABBA which as as far as I know is a different organisation to the NWCBBA ????

    We have had the tables on our notice board and I['m sure they do include Pontins and the Area, I could be wrong though.

    We were in the 4th Nationally though last year and so our Pontins result was in the 4th section, I'm not sure how this affects what points we get (if any) in th elocal tables.
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    I don't see how, given bands can be in different sections locally and nationally!!

    We're 2nd national and 3rd local, being in the 2nd national didn't get us promoted locally as well.
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    NWBBA and North West Counties BBA are two entirely different organisations
  12. andyp

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  13. there are now 6 contests that give you points locally.... fleetwood, pontins, st helens, guild, areas, and tameside!!
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    I really dont see how this is possible, as so many bands are graded in different sections for local contests (Fleetwood, Wilkinsons, Preston and Tameside) and for nationally graded contests (Pontins and Areas). Have a look at the recent Brass at the Guild thread to see how much confusion is caused by having two different ranking systems.

    AFAIK the two nationally graded contests have absolutely no bearing on your local gradings. SImilar to a previous poster...my band is 2nd Section local and 3rd Section National and your national grading is affected only by a 3-year average at the Area's only. The section entered for Pontins is based on your national grading but this result has no relevance to either your local or national grading.

    I will see if i can get some info on the local contest gradings from our Secretary...would be good to have everything clarified.
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    Wouldn't it just be easier to scrap local gradings?
  16. DMBabe

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    Maybe it's because I'm from an area that doesn't have local gradings, but isn't all a bit mental and confusing? No wonder you have no idea what's going on if you have two different organisations in the mix. Surely nationally standardised gradings are the way to go? :dunno
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    National gradings judge a bands standard on 1 contest over 3 years.
    Local gradings judge a band on 4 contests over 1 year.

    One bad performance/result at the area could keep you in the same section for years.
  18. DMBabe

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    Yeah but I've always thought that each area could have contests which are affiliated so that it doesn't all hang on one contest. Still madly confusing though..........


    pontins and areas

    you get half points if you are competing in a lower section than your local grading
  20. so, back to my original question. does anyone have an up to date grade table for nwcbba 3rd section going into tameside?

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