NWBBA, 27th November 2010

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  1. Welsh_Judie

    Welsh_Judie New Member

    Who's going to the NWBBA in Llandudno next Saturday???
  2. Playabit

    Playabit Member

    Parr are going, current 4th section Champions hoping to make it 3 in a row..
  3. baritoneosh

    baritoneosh Member

    Deiniolen Youth will be there in section 2b
  4. Welsh_Judie

    Welsh_Judie New Member

    Any results yet folks?
  5. Playabit

    Playabit Member

    Results from 4th section would defo be appreciated...as i am sat at home having been unable to attend today... : (
  6. Playabit

    Playabit Member

    Result of 4th section that i know so far....

    1st Rhyl Silver (Dimensions) 82pts
    2nd Parr (Dark Side Of The Moon) 81.5pts and best Soloist...Martin Halliwell on Sop...

    Very little in it...well don Rhyl and Parr...
  7. eusebio

    eusebio New Member

    Result from Youth section 6a
    1. Beaumaris
    2. Northop Hall
    3. Llanrug

    Soloist: Bronwen Evans (Flugelhorn, Beaumaris)
    Best march: Beaumaris
  8. rebecca

    rebecca Member

    Section Two: Best March, Llanrug (Paul Hughes)
    Best Instrumentalist, Gareth Hughes, Euphonium, Llanrug
    2nd Place Test Piece, Greenall's (Karl Stott)
    1st Place Test Piece, Llanrug (Paul Hughes)
  9. baritoneosh

    baritoneosh Member

    Youth Section - 6B

    1st Northop Youth b
    2nd - Deiniolen Youth

    Best Hymn - Deiniolen Youth !

    And I would also like to congratulate my brother Rhodri Tomos for being the best soloist in the Championship Section on the Soprano with Northop Silver.
  10. hellraiser

    hellraiser Member

    thanks osh!
  11. Welsh_Judie

    Welsh_Judie New Member

    And Holywell came third with 80 points!!
  12. roger 10

    roger 10 Member

    Rhyl Silver Band also won best march,

    Fourth Section:
    1. Rhyl Silver (Milne Robinson) - 83
    2. Parr (Richardson) (John Ludden) - 82
    3. Deeside Silver (Chris Barnes) – 80
    4. Llandudno Town (Clive Wolfendale) - 78
  13. julestools

    julestools Active Member

    I turned up at 9.15, to play with Llay Miners Welfare in the 4th section (drawn 7th) for a practice at Crag y don Methodist Church. 60 miles on a cold November morning only to find the band had withdrawn the previous day. Not even a phone call or text. Had a good day in Llandudno though but had to rush back to Stoke for a concert at 6.00


    Jules (have bass, will travel)
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  14. Platt2Dodd

    Platt2Dodd New Member

    Come on Julian we pulled out at 7am on the Sat morning when we found the tempreture be below -7 ,the only person we did not get in touch with was yourself because we didn't have your mobile No at the time and your house phone No was not avaiable to me at the time. When I did speak to you I did apoligize which you accepted I insisted what had happened was bad and should not have happened and went on to say how much we had enjoyed your company and was sincere and offered to pay you expense for the wasted trip to Llandudno,please don't now be unpleasent.
  15. julestools

    julestools Active Member

    No worries Trevor. I had a great time in Llandudno, even without you or the band :)


  16. Pops2501

    Pops2501 Active Member

    Strange what a difference in definitions of 'a great time in Llandudno, even without you or the band' there are. Oops.:rolleyes: