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Discussion in 'The Rehearsal Room' started by BbBill, May 18, 2006.

  1. BbBill

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    Does anybody know the rules regarding guest players at Pontins?

    I seem to remember something about only being allowed to use guests from the same section or below, and is it 4 your allowed to use? Cant remember and I think the english rules mite be slightly different to the SBBA's rules, my mind is not what it used to be....!

    Just trying to do abit of forward planning, as one over-protective mother isnt signing our consent letter and wont let their child off school for one day... :mad:

    Cheers :tup
  2. Steve

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    Last time I depped there it was 4 deps from your section or below. Other than that its a free for all mate :) See you there if I get past Oxford
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    Day transfers will be allowed on completion of an ‘Application for Temporary Day Transfer of Player/s form, or a letter of consent must be obtained for each player, along with their Registration Card from the appropriate Registry, and must comply with the following:-
    a) A band may borrow no more than 4 players for any one contest.
    b) A player, on a temporary day transfer, may play for no more than two bands competing at the Contest.
    ie 1) One band which has applied for the temporary day transfer.
    2) The band with which s/he is normally registered with, if that band is competing.
    3) One other band which has applied for the temporary day transfer. Provided that, the band with which
    s/he is normally registered with, is not competing.

    c) Championship. First, Second & Third Sections.

    Borrowed players in the above sections, shall be registered players from bands registered either the same grade or grades lower than the borrowing band.

    d) Fourth Section
    Borrowed players in the above section shall be registered players from bands in the same grade or of the
    four permitted borrowed players, up to two may be from the third section.

    courtesy of

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  6. GingerMaestro

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    Sorry Steve Having a bit of a blonde day
  7. BbBill

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    Thanks guys youve been very helpful, was looking on the pontins website and there wasnt any sign of rules like that!

    Our conductor's other band, Newmilns & Galston is going to Pontins in the 1st section and was hoping to borrow a couple of players from them, obviously not going to work now, so need to scrounge abit harder elsewhere!!

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    Not dyed your hair AGAIN have you Mart?
  9. GingerMaestro

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    No Kiz Should read ...Having a Strawberry Blonde day...or is it ginger....not sure too much product on it

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