Nova Scotia Tattoo 2016

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  1. Is anyone going to the RNSIT this year?

    I've registered for the North American Brass Band Summer School, (which seems to be associated with the Tattoo), because I live relatively close to Halifax, so it's convenient that way, but, I asked a couple of questions about arrival, and the silence has been a bit eerie:

    The accommodation information on the webpage has not be updated since last year.
    They're not answering email.
    A query on their facebook page doesn't get a response.
    The phone number on the website, if it exists, appears to be in Wales, and goes to voicemail.
    An attempt to add them as a contact on Skype has not been answered.

    I'm starting to get a bit worried.

    Does anybody know where the check-in is for accommodation? If I have that, I think I can take it from there.
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    Sorry to hear you're having problems. Are you sure you have the latest version of the website, as this all seems to have been updated: