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Discussion in 'Recruitment Corner' started by Hell's_Trombone, Dec 29, 2006.

  1. Hey everyone, this is an amazing chance that cannot be missed!! Dobcross Band are building a brand new band and starting afresh! This is your chance to join a fantastic Saddleworth band in the CHAMPIONSHIP SECTION!! The band take part in the areas, spring festival and whit friday (if you thought it was good before, with a Saddleworth band its breathtaking!!) Last year we took part in the Scottish Open and recently ventured over to the Swiss Open in Lucerne! Don't forget we also have our very own band club with a nicely stocked up bar!!

    Take advantage of this offer!! Please pm for more details!! :)

    Also, has anybody got one of our jackets/hats from depping or previously playing with us?? If so can you get in touch as we appear to be a few short!!!.....perhaps they are the new trend?! ;)
  2. Thanks to everyone who has shown interest in the band!
    The seats are filling fast but we are still short of sop, front row cornets, 2nd cornets, 1st horn, a Bb bass and percs.
    The band is building quickly but we still need your help!!!
    PM me for more details...

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