Not such a Silent Night in the bedroom

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    Not such a Silent Night in the bedroom

    Ireland Colliery had the unsual request to play Silent Night in a bedroom recently. Mind you, it was for television, and you'll have to tune in to BBC 1 next March to find exactly why.
    Ireland Colliery had a rather an unusual break from there hectic schedule of concerts last night (Thurs 15th). The band were asked to play and be recorded for BBCs DIY SoS in Bolsover, Chesterfield, late last week, with the whole band playing Silent Night in the bedroom! Nick Knowles and the DIY SoS team were on hand just in case of not the roof being blown off, but the floor with all the weight!

    The programme is due to go on TV around March 06.

    This made a refreshing change from the endless round of carolling, but we made an impromptu short concert for the residents of Scarsdale Street in Bolsover.

    If you would like more details of the band go to
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