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    But I`ve just received msg from your top execs pleading for me to take a look . . . . . . He/She has forgotten what instrument I play!!! I detected a slight disinterest all those eons ago. :)

    But I`m a small time composer & arranger, and initially taking a look at your `Music I like the Least` in `Bandroom Chat` I can`t see my own name mentioned anywhere . . . . . . What am I to read into that? At the mo` I have to admit that I`m probably not in the opposing thread about music you like, but I`ll let that pass :/

    If you want to retake a look at my brass pieces I`ll give you my web site address where you`ll find all kinds of
    c - - p, for almost every size of ensemble. And scrolling down the home page you`ll find a `Brass Band` category with a small amount of different brass ensembles within. You`ll be able to view the scores and listen to mp3s, of which most are computer generated - with one or two live recordings.

    Web site then, is: Tony Wakefield on Score Exchange

    Do I hear you all groan? Anyway, best wishes to one and all . . . . again. :)

    Anthony Wakefield (Surrey - but true Lancashire lad born`n`bred)