Not many places left.. but a special one for a tuba player

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    The Royal British Legion has a band,
    This ones in Barnsley and the sound is so grand
    But it needs some new players, its ranks need to swell
    This poem is useful, a tale it can tell

    Formed 3 years ago, its grown strong and steady
    But some sections don’t seem quite as ready
    Clarinet and cornets, oh what a mix
    If you joined this band you’d be in our pics;

    So what do we need I hear you ask
    To spread the word, that’s your task
    Tubas and drums would be quite nice
    And oh for a trombone, very nice!

    Our Corps of Drums go rat-a tat-tat
    In their free uniforms, drums and hats
    Aged 15 and over is the only stipulation
    and to march in time, that’s the regulation;

    On Mondays we meet at quarter past seven
    The sounds sublime, almost heaven
    But we need you there, you’d love it you know
    Come on players, GIVE US A GO!