NOT going to the Areas?

Discussion in 'The Rehearsal Room' started by ukdrummerboy, Feb 4, 2004.

  1. ukdrummerboy

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    Who's band is not going to the areas for one reason or another this year? Last night it was decided that my local band Oughtibridge Brass Band, for the first time in many years (i believe were talking 100's here!) will not be going, do to lack of players and time to reherse the piece (Vizcaya). I think its sad when things like this happen, i was just wondering, has any other band had to pull out this year?
  2. Dan

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    Last year in L&SC one band turned up with a serious lack of players. They still played and managed to get in the top five or six placings!

    It is very sad when a band suffers diminishing numbers, but if you stick at it there is always the chance of building the band back up. Hope you manage to do this soon :)
  3. sparkling_quavers

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    Well flixton competed last year with half a band after not competing for 2 years do to lack of players. But just look at us can be done with hardwork, putting up with low attended rehearsals and just sticking with it. Blackpool here we come!
  4. PeterBale

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    Pity they couldn't have borrowed one from Thundersley :oops: :wink: :lol:
  5. MattB

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    Unfortunately due to a mess up at the registry, Littleborough will not be competing at the area this year. A great shame for me, as we were all fired up and ready to go!

    Roll on 2005...........
  6. Hilary Mateer

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    It wasn't just lack of players but lack of a conductor was the clinching factor. Not really enough time between now and the areas to find a new conductor and get the test piece up to standard with them.
    It's a big shame as the band is curently top of the third section - although at least that means they shouldn't get relegated for missing a year.

    They are determined not to give in though and are practicing for a couple of high profile concerts (I know cos I'm playing for them), and a possible defence of last years victory in the B section of the Pogson Bray contest.
  7. ploughboy

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    I might well be involed in one of those "hign profile concerts", It's a shame this high quality band aren't going to the "area's" this year, but they aren't the be all and end al of banding. Hopefully this will give them time to appoint the right man in the middle and build a solid band again for next year!!

    best of luck to all there, and i'll see you on Friday!!
  8. alks

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    The band i play for will struggle to contest becuase half the band play for other bands!!. The catch is without these players we wouldnt have much of a band. Its a pity but theres not a lot that can be done abiout this situation. The last time we contested was in 1997!. ..... :twisted:
  9. davidsait

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    University of Warwick won't be at the areas this year due to a major administrative error.

  10. HBB

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  11. PeterBale

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    These ex-military folk get in everywhere don't they :!: :wink:
  12. Dave Payn

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    As I've mentioned elsewhere, Croydon had to pull out (a collective decision because of a lack of numbers). We have since gone up to 18 players. However, with no percussion, that for me, would not have been enough for Vizcaya, which I think must have 22-23 at least. Had we been playing Partita in the 4th section (which I am with Fulham anyway) I'd have taken Croydon there. Still not bad when there were 12 players when I took over. 18 now and the likelihood of our horn section filling up in the not too distant future means we hit 20!

    All the same, it looks like there'll certainly be enough at Croydon next year to go. Shame I won't be there to conduct them! (Moving to Scotland!).

    Looking forward to Partita with Fulham though! Love the piece and brings good memories. We got an 'outstanding' award playing that and Shipbuilders one after the other in a competition in Germany a few years ago, so let's hope we can repeat that form at Stevenage!
  13. Dave Payn

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    Yes, but this sounds like a Private Matter ;-) ;-) :lol:
  14. ploughboy

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    i agree with Dave about the percussion, and the generl size of the band for a "big" piece like vizcaya, We're going to compete up here in yorkshire, We've only one on Perc. which makes interesting. 1 BBb bass down and 2 3rd cornets down, but it'll have to do.

    i know sadly oughtibridge we're a long way short of that sort of total, and the big problem was probably lack of a man in the middle!!
  15. ploughboy

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    These ex-military folk get in everywhere don't they :!: :wink:[/quote]

    Yes, but this sounds like a Private Matter ;-) ;-) :lol:[/quote]

    However dave i think many more like that and it'll have to be copral punishment :wink:
    your beggining to be a major embaressment (sp!)
  16. Hilary Mateer

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    Actually after persuading a few ex members out of retirement they were not that short of players. Only one percussion, 2nd baritone, 1 Eb Bass, 1 front row cornet, and 1 2nd cornet down. But you're right that the main problem was no conductor. It's very difficult to go to a contest without one :(
  17. Dave1

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    I agree that this is the toughest time of year - no borrowed players allowed makes it really difficult BUT keep at it everyone you just never know. We are short of a couple of players as well, principal cornet is one but we will go to the area and do our best.
    Shame about no conductor, if I could manage it down I'd offer myself.
    All the best
  18. jambo

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    For the first time in their 110year plus history 'Marske Band' in the North East will not attend the areas it would appear.
    As is the common plight of too many bands in the area the numbers of players have dwindled to less than half. Whether due to retirement or being poached by slightly better bands the members have left thus forcing the decision.

    Its a tough time for bands and despite the likes of Marske with their excellent junior band, their just isn't enough players coming through.

    Pity, but there'll be too many bands missing from this years areas.
    :cry: :(
  19. johnmartin

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    Do all these sad tales maybe not point at a bigger underlying problem- too many bands and not enough players to go round. It's a shame when bands can't compete due to lack of numbers. I wish you all the best and hope you keep on fighting to rebuild.
  20. Dave1

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    This is very true and as I'm sure you will agree Fife is a prime contender for this problem. However there are still many bandsmen and women sitting at home doing nothing and it is a shame that these people have become less interested - for whatever reason.
    Anyway best of luck to everyone.