Norwegian National Championships

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    This Friday and Saturday ( 10th and 11th / 02 / 05 ) see the Norwegian National Championships at the Grieg Hall in Begen , if anyone has heard recordings of bands from Norway in action will testify , these bands are amongst the very best in Europe.
    Any predictions for the Nationals?
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    Well Alexander for the first section (go Morten!)

    Stavanger or Eikanger for the Elite me thinks!!

    Depends on their own choices.

    Remember that Championships has 2 "s" in it!!! See ya later!
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    I think Eikanger will win the elite section this year (no offence Stavanger). Hope Stangaland and Kopervik do well. Miss them loads. Wish I was in Bergen this weekend. Brilliant venue, superbly run contest, expensive but tasty beer.

    Good luck to everybody,

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    Wish I was going - great bands and conductors and a list of own choice pieces nobody can really moan about. Would love to get across to see it at some stage, the attitude towards banding in Europe is so much more open than the UK. I went to the Euros as was staggered to see Stavanger rush back into the hall to hear Cory (who were drawn after them) play St Magnus. Their response and applause to the performance spoke volumes about their great attitude towards to supporting other bands and the movement as a whole.

    Anyway, after that: if I was a betting man the sensible money would be on Stavanger under the Professor but Eikanger will be keen to break Stavanger's mini-domination and other bands directed by Bob Child and Garry Cutt etc will fancy their chances I'm sure.
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    As a Belgian, I'm interested to see how Benny Wiame will do with the band he's conducting.

    As far as I know, he doesn't conduct a band any more over here, after Brass Band Midden-Brabant collapsed last year and he left his position at Brass Band Schoonhoven in the Netherlands. But of course, he has more then proven his abilities in the past, with Midden-Brabant at the Belgian an European championships...

    Good luck to all the participants! The list of own choice pieces looks great... (also for the first division!)
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    With only 10 bands competing, is the draw as significant here as it would be in the British Open or Nationals?
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    Courtesy of 4BR


    1. Eikanger-Bjørsvik Musikklag Nicholas John Childs 98 97 97,5
    2. Manger Musikklag Jesper Juul Sørensen 95 95 95
    3. Sandefjord Brass Symposium Robert Childs 93 96 94,5
    4. Jaren Hornmusikkforening Helge Haukås 94 92 93
    5. Krohnengen Brass Band Ray Farr 89 88 88,5
    6. Stavanger Brass Band David King 82 94 88
    7. Molde Brass Band Nigel Boddice 88 87 87,5
    8. Ila Brass Band Cathrine Winnes 83 91 87
    9. Oslofjord Brass Garry Cutt 81 90 85,5
    10. Sola Brass Band Benny Wiame 84 86 85

    Solistpris: Flugelhorn i Eikanger-Bjørsvik Musikklag
    Beste gruppe: Kornett gruppen i Oslofjord Brass

    I presume this means best soloist Flugel Eikanger and best section Cornets os Oslofjord.
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    Apparently there was an mixup at the awardceremony that gave the cornets Oslofjord the best section award.

    They played as No 7 on the ownchoice and the prize was for the band playing No 7 at the set test piece.

    The band playing as No 7 on the set test was Eikanger this has now been fixed athe band federations official list:

    Click this link and then click at the link saying: "Komplett resultatliste"

    We at Eikanger are obviusly very happy with this win, and we've had a brilliant week together with Nick Childs working up to this championship.

    (Sop. Eikanger)
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    Well done Frode for a great win. Heard you were pretty fantastic too!

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    Cheers, Alex.

    The whole band band played great (and I just had to try to keep to their standard from "the hot seat".) ;)

    Thanks again,

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