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    I wondered if anyone could help me. I am hoping to attend the Norwegian National Championships next month. The note on 4BR provides a link to Grieghallen although there is no entry in the diary for the championships, to be held on 9 and 10 February. Other web searches have been spectacularly unsuccessful.

    Many thanks

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    For what it's worth, here's a link to the championship website, but it only seems to be in Norwegian:

    May be worth sending an email and see what response you get.
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    I presume you want to attend in a viewing capacity and not as a player, seeing the deadline for attending (especially for foreign nationals) is long past.
    As for that I might be able to provide some general information about the contest, and should anyone have further questions I will be happy to answer to the best of my ability.
    That being said, here goes:

    The contest is held in one of Norway's best (perhaps even _the_ best) concert halls, centrally situated in Bergen off the west coast of Norway. The city should be easy to get to from the UK, either directly to Flesland airport, or via another city, with Oslo, Gardermoen being the major hub. Unless you want to spend a minor fortune on a taxi, I would recommend traveling by bus from the airport to your hotel. All the major hotels in the city should be within easy reach from the bus stops, most served with the bus stopping outside the hotel.
    One note on accommodation. Seeing there are a lot of brass bands attending, and there might be other arrangements in the city at the same time, hotel capacity has been somewhat challenging from time to time. Groups of more than 4-6 people should really hurry to book, or might have to split between different hotels. I have not checked availability this year so this is simply a general note as pertains to Bergen at this time of year.

    Regarding the contest itself.
    The first band enters stage Friday 9th February 09:30 CET (2nd section), on the main stage (Griegsalen). There are in total six sections (elite, plus 1st through 5th section) divided between two concert halls (same building though). The lower section bands will be playing in the adjoining hall (Peer Gynt-salen), whereas elite and 1st and 2nd section will be playing in Grieghallen.

    In starting order:
    2nd section - Griegsalen - 09:30
    5th section - Peer Gynt-salen - 10:00
    Elite section (set work) - Griegsalen - 15:30
    3rd section - Peer Gynt-salen 16:00

    1st section - Griegsalen - 08:30
    4th section - Peer Gynt-salen - 11:00
    Elite section (own choice) - Griegsalen - 14:45

    The contest will be streamed live, at the very least all bands playing in Griegsalen. There has been attempts made to watch this from abroad earlier, but I have no information on the success/failure rate. Let me know if anybody want to try, it entails buying (for instance) a one-day subscription to a Norwegian TV-channel (TV2 Zebra). I will help with links, and translations if anyone wants to have a go. [Edit: as of 2018 NMF will have the contest streamed through instead.]

    Set-work in the elite section is Aubade - Dawn songs of the Fabulous Birds (Torstein Aagaard-Nilsen). Commisioned for the European Brass Band Championships in Bergen 2003. Study-score available here: Aubade - Brass Band Grade 6 PDF (Torstein Aagaard-Nilsen) - A3 FULL SCORE ONLY

    Elite section own choice: I don't have the full list yet, but this is what I do know (or suspect) at the time of writing:
    Partita for Band (W. Heaton) (Eikanger-Bjørsvik Musikklag)
    Revelation (P. Wilby) (Bjørsvik musikklag)
    Journey of the lone wolf (S. Dobson) (Kleppe Musikklag)
    Music of the Spheres (P.Sparke) (Molde Brass Band)
    Goldberg 2012 (S.H.Giske) (Stavanger Brass Band)
    Dove Descending (P.Wilby) (Oslo Brass Band)
    No info on Jaren Hornmusikkforening, Manger Musikklag, Krohnengen Brass Band or Tertnes Brass as of yet. When approaching the contest however all the information will be made available in a dedicated (and free) app. It is too early for the NM to appear, but look for the NMF logo and "NM Brass 2018" or similar.
    Android: - Android Apps on Google Play
    iPhone: on the App Store

    Anything else people need to know? Prices of beer? (Horrendous probably, expect to pay 8,5 GBP plus or minus, for 0,4l of ambrosia). Where to drink beer? (Grieghallen on Saturday, various places on Friday but amongst them "Huset Pub", Vestre Torggaten 11).
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    Fabulous contribution from trm - everything you'd ever want to know. Unfortunately I won't be there but one day I will make it to the Norwegian championships. Never heard Aubade live but the YBS recording is wonderful, especially that opening cadenza! Interesting to see how the Heaton Partita goes down - it didn't work for Cory in Freiburg but tastes have moved on a bit since then.

    Is it an open adjudication, then? If not, publishing the own choice selections might not be a good move.

    Seeing as you're clearly a top class love child of 4BR and Trip Advisor, have you any inside info on the Europeans in Utrecht?
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    Well thank you very much, I appreciate the feedback. No inside on the Europeans unfortunately, although I might be the bringer of good news for those of you not able to attend in person in Bergen.
    I saw an article this morning saying there will be a change to the streaming solution this year. As I write above TV2 Zumo has previously been responsible for this, and of course behind a pay-wall. This year NMF is writing they will change the provider and go for a solution through From what I am able to gather the contest itself will be made freely available, but the gala concert and the award ceremony will be something people will have to pay to view.
    The contest itself will be made available for viewing later, if you do not want to tune in "Live", also for free from what I can gather.

    The promise is that the solution will have the same high quality as before, seeing they are using the same production team, it is just the distribution that will change.

    I will post it here if I find links or further info.

    As regards the adjudication model, this year only the own choice is open. The set-work will have closed adjudication, meaning the play-order will be drawn in the morning Friday 9th february in Grieghallen. And this also explains why you will not find information on the set-work in the pdf I posted above. :)
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    A short update, just to keep the thread alive.
    Manger Musikklag will be playing Raveling, Unraveling - In search of 'La Valse', by Philip Sparke.

    Link to (the contest is not listed yet, but should be up in the coming weeks I'd presume).
    Where incidentally you will be able to listen to yours truly at 13:00 CET Saturday 1oth February, playing Sinfonietta no. 3 , by Etienne Crausaz. Recorded by Cory on their album Raveling, Unraveling, who'd have guessed it.
    Etienne Crausaz - Sinfonietta Nr. 3, pour brass band
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    Norwegian National Championships, quoted from

    (Elite Division)
    Davur Magnussen (own choice)
    Jan Fredrik Christiansen (own choice)
    Niel-Ole Bo Johansen (own choice)
    Per Kristian Svendsen (test piece)
    Håkon Berge (test piece)
    Stig Nordhagen (test piece)

    Fri 9th Feb 2018:
    Test piece: Aubade (Dawn songs of the Fabulous Birds - Torstein Aagaard-Nilsen)

    Sat 10th Feb 2018 - Own Choice (Own choice draw in (n):
    Bjørsvik Brass - Revelation (7)
    Eikanger-Bjørsvik Musikklag - Partita (6)
    Jaren Hornmusikkforening - Journey of the Lone Wolf (9)
    Kleppe Musikklag - Journey of the Lone Wolf (1)
    Krohnengen Brass Band - Extreme Make-Over (4)
    Manger Musikklag - Raveling, Unraveling (3)
    Molde Brass Band - Music of the Spheres (8)
    Oslo Brass Band - Dove Descending (10)
    Stavanger Brass Band - Goldberg 2012 (2)
    Tertnes Brass - As If A Voice Were In Them (5)

    (Division 1)
    Adjudicators: N/A
    Sat 10th Feb 2018 - in draw order:
    Radøy Brass - N/A
    Askøy Brass Band - Journey of the Lone Wolf
    Musikkorpset Gjallarhorn - Of Distant Memories
    Brøttum Brass - N/A
    Ila Brass Band - Metropolis 1927
    Rong Brass - Sounds
    Flesland Musikklag - A Lowry Sketchbook
    Tomra Brass Band - Paganini Variations
    Sola Brass Band - N/A
    Oslofjord Brass - Sinfonietta no. 3
    Hasle Brass - Dances and Arias
    Sandefjord Brass - [new composition, unknown title]
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    Only partially correct, or at least I think it is only partially correct. In the android version I am unable to find anything when checking a minute ago. If it has become available already in the iPhone app I would appreciate if anyone could chime in.
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    Yes, working fine on iPhone.
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    And now the Android app is working as well. Please let me know if anybody need help with translations. Or anything else regarding "NM" :)
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    Seems the Livestream events are announced. If people would like to get prepared I would recommend to create your accounts and subscribe to the Livestream-events. I enclose links to the various events taking place this coming weekend:

    Griegsalen (Elite, 1st and 2nd division):

    Peer Gynt-salen (3rd, 4th and 5th division):

    Gala-concert/award ceremony (probably not for free):

    Happy listening
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    Another "NM" finished and people slowly recuperating all over the country.
    Meanwhile, those of you not attending the parties (playingwise or of "the other kind") can still enjoy listening to all that went down in Bergen this weekend.
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    Does anyone know if recordings will be available for purchase and download, similar to Euro's and Nationals?
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    It will all be made available on Spotify in a few days time. If the stream isn't sufficient I mean :)
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    Thanks trm but I prefer to go to a site (eg: WoB or Presto) and purchase the music I want, in either CD or download format. I don't want to subscribe to what I perceive to be an on-line music library. I know you can currently have a free trial on Spotify but that type of service just doesn't do it for me. I want to have a music library not an illusion of one. So if it's only going to be made available to stream and not purchase, then I guess I'll be out of luck.
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    Then I can recommend the following link for downloads: Grong Musikkproduksjon
    Available download formats is as follows:
    Stereo 320 kbps MP3 (NOK 90/8,26 GBP)
    Stereo 44.1 kHz/16 bit FLAC (NOK 110/10,1 GBP)

    As of this morning you will find downloads of NM brass 2018 and 2017, as well as the wind band championships 2017 (labeled "janitsjar" in Norwegian).
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    Thank you trm. Purchase made and files downloaded. I appreciate this information.
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