Norwegian Brass Band Championships 2010

Discussion in 'The Adjudicators' Comments' started by Aidan, Nov 22, 2009.

  1. Aidan

    Aidan Active Member

    A bit early (not til early feb) but thought I'd get the ball rolling now that most details are out..

    Test piece for the elitedivisjon (championship section) is 'Sketches from Nowhere' by Thomas Doss.

    (His first work for brass band, his second will be the test piece for the 2010 Europeans.)

    As it's going to be all open adjudication this year we can also give full info on the own choice section.
    So here's all the runners, with conductors and own choice selection.

    Eikanger-Bjørsvik Musikklag, Nick Childs
    Titan's Progress, Hermann Pallhuber

    Ila Brass Band, Thomas Rimul
    The Trumpets of the Angels, Edward Gregson

    Krohnengen Brass Band, Gary Peterson
    Montreux Wind Dances, Carl Rütti

    Manger Musikklag, Peter Szilvay
    Dove Descending, Philip Wilby

    Molde Brass Band, Russel Gray
    From Ancient Times, Jan van der Roost

    Oslo Brass Band, Frode Amundsen
    Seid - versjon B, Torstein Aagaard-Nilsen

    Oslofjord Brass, Simon Dobson
    Sounds, John Golland

    Sola Brass Band, Selmer Simonsen
    Music of the Spheres, Philip Sparke

    Stavanger Brass Band, Allan Withington
    Masquerade, Philip Wilby

    Tertnes Brass, John Philip Hannevik
    Prague, Judith Bingham

    I'm assuming that, as last year, we will have at least video coverage of the top two sections, and interviews and commentaries for the norwegian speakers :)

    Game on, should be a good'un.
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  3. Kaggen90

    Kaggen90 Member

    Thank you for the list. I´m really looking forward to this. :)
  4. Paddy Flower

    Paddy Flower Active Member

    HNY from Paddy who will now display his limited knowledge of Scandanavian banding...

    Eikanger-Bjørsvik Musikklag - 5/4 fav
    Stavanger Brass - 11/4
    Oslo Brass - 14/1
    Manger Musikklag - 16/1
    Krohnengen Brass - 25/1
    Molde Brass - 28/1
    Tertnes Brass - 40/1
    Sola Brass - 40/1
    Ila Brass - 50/1
    Oslofjord Brass - 66/1
  5. Aidan

    Aidan Active Member

    entire schedule available here -->

    if you want to have a bat at doing odds for all sections..? ;)

    I think the spreadsheet is being updated regularly with details of the lower section pieces as they are known.
  6. DublinBass

    DublinBass Supporting Member

    Do you know if they are planning on broadcasting it online again?
  7. Aidan

    Aidan Active Member

    Suspect so, they are more likely to go further down that line than back away from it.
    Reckon it will still probably be only Championship and 1st sections though.
  8. Paddy Flower

    Paddy Flower Active Member

    Why not sounds like fun, here goes...

    1. Divisjon
    Askøy Brass - 11/2 fav
    Tomra Brass - 15/2
    Jølster Musikklag - 15/2
    Kleppe Musikklag - 15/2
    Jaren Hornmusikkforening - 9/1
    Sørum Musikklag - 10/1
    Sandefjord Brass Symposium - 10/1
    Alexander Brass - 14/1
    Kopervik Musikkorps - 20/1
    Tromsø Brass - 25/1
    Laksevåg Musikkforening - 25/1
    Tertnes Amatørkorps - 33/1

    Stand-by for the others, just working on them now
  9. Paddy Flower

    Paddy Flower Active Member

    2. Divisjon
    Musikkorpset Gjallarhorn - 11/2 fav
    Brøttum Brass - 8/1
    Haukås Musikklag - 8/1
    Frei Hornmusikk - 9/1
    Rong Brass - 10/1
    Oster Brass - 10/1
    Ørskog Brass - 12/1
    Flesland Musikklag - 16/1
    Hornorkesteret Stavanger - 20/1
    Sagvåg Musikklag - 22/1
    Radøy Brass - 25/1
    Stangaland Brass - 25/1
    Follesø Musikklag - 33/1
  10. Paddy Flower

    Paddy Flower Active Member

    3. Divisjon
    Bjørsvik Brass - 9/4 fav (unless they had a serious number of ringers in at SIDDIS)
    Bergen Brass - 10/1
    Manger Old Star Brass - 10/1
    Fjell Brass - 11/1
    Hasle Brass - 11/1
    Fræna Musikkorps - 14/1
    Lindås Brass - 20/1
    Borge Brass - 25/1
    Torskangerpoll Musikklag - 28/1
    Skui Brass - 28/1
    Trondheim Politis Brass - 33/1
    Agder Brass - 40/1
    Gjesdal Brass - 40/1
    Flora-Bremanger Brass - 50/1
    Hordvik Musikklag - 50/1
  11. Paddy Flower

    Paddy Flower Active Member

    4. Divisjon
    Lismarka/Mesnali Brass - 8/1 fav
    Flå musikkorps - 10/1
    Nes Musikkforening - 11/1
    Grenland Brass - 12/1
    Stavanger kommunes korps - 12/1
    Randaberg Musikkorps - 12/1
    Fagernes Musikkorps - 12/1
    Tysnes Musikklag - 12/1
    Langhus Brass - 14/1
    Gjøvik Bybrass - 20/1
    Rosendal Musikklag - 22/1
    Hetlevik Musikklag - 28/1
    Florø Hornmusikk - 40/1
    Skeie Glad Brass - 40/1
    IMI Brass - 40/1
    Brummund-Nordaasen - 50/1
    Rudsbygd Brass - 66/1
    Salhus Musikklag - 66/1
    Lyshornet Brass - 150/1
    Musikkorpset Heimdal - 150/1
    Sotra Brass - 500/1

    Fjordbrass - no price
    Moen Musikkforening - no price

    I don't have any form to go on for these last two
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  13. Aidan

    Aidan Active Member

    Apparently it's not happening this year, which is a bit ****!
    The date clashes with the Melodi Grand Prix (Norways version of the eurovision qualifier, 'song for england' or whatever it's called?) and NRK (Norway's BBC) have to prioritise the cameras for that.

    People are looking into ways of getting some kind of amateur coverage up and running though i think, even if it's just a load of youtube uploads or something.
  14. DublinBass

    DublinBass Supporting Member

    Ah, well, was a brilliant way to wake up in the morning (here in the States)...please post the youtube links as they come up...or Youchube links for those in Northern England ;-)
  15. brassbandmaestro

    brassbandmaestro Active Member

    The Norwegian BB Championship's always produce a high quality collection of test pieces. Makes it always worthwhilke buy the cd after the event. If they are going to stream this contest online, be well worth it! Why can't the major contest in this country, be so forward looking as this contest?
  16. KMJ Recordings

    KMJ Recordings Supporting Member


    How it goes well for you Aidan :)
  17. Kaggen90

    Kaggen90 Member

    Bad priority, NRK. :(
    We should make a Facebook-group so NRK changed their mind. :)
  18. brassneck

    brassneck Active Member

    Results of the 2010 Norwegian Brass Band Championships
    5th & 6th February
    Grieg Hall

    Elite Division:

    (Set Work/Own Choice) = Average

    1. Manger Musikklag (95/95) = 95
    2. Eikanger-Bjørsvik Musikklag (98/91) = 94.5
    3. Ila Brass Band (94/92.5) = 93.25
    4. Krohnengen (93/93) = 93
    5. Oslofjord Brass (92/92) = 92
    6. Stavanger (90/94) = 92
    7. Molde Brass (91/90) = 90.5
    8. Sola Brass (88/89) = 88.5
    9. Tertnes Brass (87/87) = 87
    10. Oslo Brass (86/88 ) = 87

    Adjudicators: Maurice Hamers, Torodd Wigum, John Wallace
    Soloist Prize: Solo Trombone of Manger Musikklag
    Best Section: Percussion of Ila Brass Band
  19. Aidan

    Aidan Active Member

    yay for open adjudication :)

    Congratulations to Manger
    Great results for Ila and Oslofjord
    Oslo must be gutted though..
  20. Aidan

    Aidan Active Member

  21. Kaggen90

    Kaggen90 Member

    I felt a little bit sorry for you and your band, Aidan, when you got 91 points for Titans Progress. :(
    What went wrong in the judges` opinion?
  22. Zappa

    Zappa Member

    Congrats to Dave Roberts and Sandefjord Brass

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