Norwegian Brass Band Championship 2007

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  1. There might be someone here interested in the norwegian championship. it is held in Grieghallen, Bergen 9-10. February.

    The test piece in the championship section is "Cloudcatcher Fells"

    Among the pieces:
    Vienna Nights
    Dances and Allelujas
    Dances and Arias
    English Heritage
    The Year of the Dragon
    Variations on a ninth
    Variations on an Enigma
    The Forest of Dean
    John O'Gaunt
    Journey to the centre of the earth
    Royal Parks
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    Thanks for that. I've moved your post to our dedicated 'contest category'.

    Looks like a very interesting contest with a wide range of test pieces - feel free to keep us informed about the contest.
  3. not too many weeks left now, and the bands are busy doing their preparations.

    the favourites this year seems to be the usual ones, Eikanger, Stavanger and Manger..
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    I would love to come over for the competition as my brother Martin Winter normally plays and conducts so it would be a fantastic oppourtunity to see him in action unfortunately i can only give him my best wishes for the comp as my job will not allow for the time off at present so all the best to all bands that are taking part in this event
    Principle cornet of
    Gresley Colliery Brass Band
  5. Well its very cold here in norway at the minute. With it snowing and all and its only 5 days till it all starts. Can't wait for the new experience
  6. trm

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    Forest of Dean seems to be a popular choice in third section, being played by Grenland Brass this year. As well as Oster Brass in first section....

    Here's a complete list of what was played in all sections last weekend:
    Elite div:
    Molde - Harrisons Dream
    Tertnes - Ascending
    Tomra - Journey to the Centre of the Earth
    Oslofjord - Aubade, dawn songs of the fabulous birds
    Sandefjord - Dances and Alleluias
    Ila - Chain
    Eikanger - Eden
    Stavanger - Vienna Nights
    Krohnengen - Ginnungagap
    Manger - Seid

    Follesø - Royal Parks
    Sørum - The Lowry Sketchbook
    Askøy - Partita (Sparke)
    Haukås - Dances and Arias
    Laksevåg - Kensington Concerto
    Oslo - Revelation
    Sola - Variations on an Enigma
    Alexander - English Heritage
    Radøy - Montage
    Jaren - Journey to the Centre of the Earth
    Kleppe - Dances and Alleluias
    Oster - Forest of Dean

    2. div:
    Hornorkesteret Stavanger - Chivalry
    Sagvåg - London Overture
    Tysnes - The Year of the Dragon
    Bergen - Diversions on a Bass Theme
    Brøttum - Diversions on a Bass Theme
    Jølster - The Lord is King
    Vennesla - Tallis Variations
    Flesland - Dampsangar
    Gjesdal - Firestorm
    Tertnes Amatørkorps - Coventry Variations
    Stangaland - Variations on a Ninth
    Ørskog - English Heritage
    Tromsø - Dances and Arias

    3. div:
    IMI - Romans 8 - A brass celebration
    Borge - Connotations
    Frei - Variations on Laudate Dominum
    Skui - Symphony of Marches
    Gjøvik Bybrass - Festivity
    Nes Musikkforening - Ancient Monuments
    Grenland - The forest of Dean
    Trondheim Politis Brassband - Royal Parks
    Austrheim/Lindås - Royal Parks
    Fræna - Royal Parks
    Kopervik - Trittico
    Gjallarhorn - The Land of the Long White Cloud
    Hasle - John O'Gaunt
    Rong - Kaleidoscope
    Rosendal - Sunset Rhapsody

    Hetlevik - Triptych
    Stavanger kommune korps - A Saddleworth Festival Overture
    Kaland/Lysefjorden - Lydian Pictures
    Flå - Northern Landscapes
    Lalm - Legend in Brass
    Brumund-Nordaasen - Chorale and Variations
    Hordvik - Variations on Laudate Dominum
    Skeie - A Celtic Suite
    Langhus - A Breathless Gnu Kiss
    Lismarka/Mesnali - Images for Brass
    Rudsbygda - Anglian Dances
    Kjølsdalen - Gothic Dances
    Fagernes - Music for a Festival
  7. and as you might have noticed were the results pretty strange this year as well...
  8. Jan H

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    Did anyone here this one? Did they play the full 20 minutes (or thereabouts) version, or the shortened version that was played at the Dutch nationals as set piece, a couple of years ago?
    And did they have the big church bell on stage? :rolleyes:

    btw excellent result for Frans Violet and Tomra Brass! I'm just wondering if Frans isn't tired yet of playing Journey to the Centre...
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    In the Elite Section? What was the general feeling about the best performances on both pieces?
  10. johnflugel

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    Just out of interest, who is conducting Stavanger at the Europeans in May?

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