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    The Northop Festival of Brass held their annual Solo and Duet competition on Sunday 18th May. Usually held as a part of the Northop Music Festival, this year as the Festival was not taking place, parents of the Youth Band committee decided to hold the Solo and Duet competition separately so that the children of the Youth and Training Bands would still have a chance to perform, which many have never done before. A total of 41 children were due to take part in the day over a total of 7 sections. Usually open to everyone, this year entries were resticted to members of the Youth and Training Bands of Northop. Flintshire County Music Service were invited to attend, but they chose not to inform their students of the competition. The adjudicator for the day was Mr Gavin Saynor, a long time friend of the Northop Silver Band and renowned Eb Bass player.

    Full Results of the competition were:

    Section 1 – Slow Melody 10 & Under (17 Entries)
    1. Jack Hewitt
    2. Megan Williams
    3. George Thelwell
    4. Owen Skillander

    Section 2 – Slow Melody 11 – 13 (17 Entries)
    1. Fredrica Howarth
    2. Hollie Davies
    3. Hannah McHugh
    4. Amy Pope (Also awarded ‘Player with Most Potential’)

    Section 3 – Slow Melody 14 – 16 (7 Entries)
    1. Sam Hird
    2. Daniel Cooil
    3. Debbie Fry

    Section 5 – Air Varie 13 & Under (6 Entries)
    1. Hannah McHugh
    2. Fredrica Howarth
    3. Hollie Davies

    Section 6 – Air Varie 14 – 16 (3 Entries)
    1. Sam Hird
    2. Debbie Fry
    3. Daniel Cooil

    Section 8 – Duets 12 & Under (10 Entries)
    1. Caitlin Williams
    Megan Williams
    2. George Thelwell
    Lewis Thelwell
    3. Rachel Latham
    Amy Pope

    Section 9 – Duets 13 – 16 (8 Entries)
    1. Debbie Fry
    Hannah McHugh
    2. Laura Blackwell
    Hollie Davies
    3. Sam Hird
    Fredrica Howarth
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