Northern Ireland Spring Contest

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  1. brownrob

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    Own Choice Test Piece, Alan Fernie was the adjudicator (sp?)


    1st 1st Old Boys
    2nd Laganvale

    Best Soloist: Mark Ruddock, Sop Laganvale
    Best Perc: Strabane Concert Brass

    2nd Section

    1st St Josephs, Strabane
    2nd Downshire Brass
    3rd Ballyduff

    Best Soloist: Solo Cornet Ballyduff

    Thats all the results I know, we came last (5th) in Grade 2 which was a little disappointing, but you learn from these things!

    Grade 3 & 4 I have no idea yet, Im sure someone will post the full results!
  2. wkt

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    3rd section

    1. Newtownards
    2. Comber

    4th section
    1. St Mary's

    On the evening of the contest, the Swedish National Youth Brass Band, directed by Berit Palmquist, with guest soloist Steve Sykes, gave a superb concert, in the form of "Around the (brass band) world in eighty minutes", complete with a map in the programme to let us know where we were going (or where we had been). In my view, a very well thought out programme, brilliantly presented. Band, conductor and soloist in absolutely top form. Communication with the audience was first class throughout.

    Congratulations to the band, conductor and soloist, and also the soloists from within the band, Joel Engstrom (composer) and, of course the organisers. A most enjoyable evening.
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    Anybody any ideas what pieces where played in the different sections in particular top section
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    Off the top of my head...

    old boys - english heritage
    laganvale - spectrum
    murley - the wayfarer
    Arklow - variations on laudate dominium (sp?)
    Strabane - Connotations (I think but Im not sure!)
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    As part of the Swedish National Youth Brass Band I had a truly enjoyable weekend. It was a fantastic concert with a fantastic audience. Thanks to those being there. :)

    About the pieces being played, brownrob got it right I think.
    In the second section I know that St Joseph's played Triptych by Philip Sparke, as well as another band.
    Variations on Laudate Dominum also was on display in the second section.
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    Anyone know what the 3rd and 4th Section bands played?
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    After helping to organise this weekend I should know what all bands played but I seem to have misplaced my program for the day!!
  8. axelo

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    I know some band in 4th Section played 'Three Songs Without Words' (I think) by Eric Ball. In the third section I believe one band played 'Music for a Festival'.