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  1. Steve

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    Alan, having spent a while playing in the Midlands fairly recently can you explain why there is such a gulf between the very best bands here and the very best bands up north. Is it purely to do with the more tradtional big names with more pulling power being located in Yorkshire or because of the geographical locations of leading brass band colleges ie.RNCM / Hudds / Salford? I notice it is also the same further down the sections too and isnt restricted to a gulf at the summit of the top section.

    Is it just the Yorkshire air? Is there any hope for this situation ever changing?
  2. Ankanala

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    A very interesting question.

    No doubt the pulling power of Yorkshire (and North-West) is very strong. I moved South from Middlesbrough for one reason and one reason only, to be among the big bands.

    I don`t think the colleges are the cause because band courses are only 30 or so years old. The big name bands were established before them although I do agree that we draw our players now from these colleges.

    I think it stems from the early part of last century and the industrial areas keenness to promote banding. The names were established by sponsorship from the industries of mining, mills, motor works factories etc. all situated in the north. Coupled with the dialects that produce round sounds in speech this could affect the sound produced on an instrument which is particular to the north. It may not be anything to do with it, but when bands were established all those years ago there were no `importing` of Southerners.

    I do hasten to add that this does not mean that a I think a Southerner cannot produce a good sound, but just it was developed in the north at the time.

    Definitely a point for much discussion in the bar, particularly south of Watford!
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