Northern Counties Contest 19 May

Discussion in 'The Adjudicators' Comments' started by bbg, May 7, 2007.

  1. bbg

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    Who's all heading up for a day out in Forfar? Usually an enjoyable trip, after a warm up in the Scout Hall (surely the most unusual warm-up facility at any contest?) and a walk along to the main hall.
    A Farfar Bridie, then a wee visit to TC's for a coca-cola and game of pool before heading back up the road to hear the last band and the results...

    We're warming up at 12.30 to play at back of one, here's hoping for a decent turnout of bands.
  2. brassneck

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    - who's playing this year?
  3. splitnote

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    we're going again, great day out last year.

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  4. sop star

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    Oh yea! Uc fello "bbg's" really know how to have a good time eh! Who needs Edinburgh Zoo or M&D's theme park - just head up to forfar ~"Sure to be a fun-filled day for all the family!"

    Hope everyone plays well!!!!
  5. daniel_beadle

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    Coalburn are heading up this year - I guested with Shotts last year & had a great day!
  6. sop star

    sop star New Member

    aye good luck at forar!
  7. Dave Jaybee

    Dave Jaybee New Member

    Woo hoo! First contest in 2 years and only had to travel about 1000 miles to get there. Can`t wait!!!!!!



    Turriff are going again this year, though don't hold your breath to hear us. I would have responded to this post much earlier, but I have been away at a course in wakefield all week and had my first rehearsal on BBb bass for a month as I have been playing tenor trombone for all other band jobs recently. But you never know how things will go.

    Good luck to all people playing at the event.

    Just incase you are looking at this thread, are you coming to the contest on saturday Mr James?

  9. groovy

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    Anyone know results??
  10. sop star

    sop star New Member

    nae body seems to ken the results "groovy" :( we are kept in suspenders for another day :( :p should find out at band tomorrow
  11. Moy

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    All I know is -
    1st Granite City Brass
    2nd Johnstone Silver
    3rd Arbroath Silver
    Granite City won best 2nd section band and best percussion.
    Well done band and Tom. Excellent result befor Harrogate.:clap:
  12. JamesResurgam

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    Hi Andrew,

    Sorry have not been on the site for a week, and missed your message. It was nice to see you both there, although I missed the band. I was told by my very good pal, that it was starting at 12 noon, so got the for 11.45am, then had to wait for the start. Listened to the first three bands then went home to watch the FA cup on tv. Think I should have stayed to listen as I was not that impressed with the football.
    Give my regards to all the gang in Turriff.

  13. Moy

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    Oooooo A "VERY GOOD PAL" yeeha.
    Mind you pal this pal was told by another pal that it started at 12 so very sorry.
    Yeh footie was rubbish but Aberdeen did well today - contest was good and Turriff played really well as did GCB didn't heat that many bands though.
    Missed the blether in what was the cafe:(
    Cya all soon.


    What can I say about the result on saturday. (will post the full result when I get it at band tonight for the Post mortum..)

    We were ........ Last, Bottom of the heap etc.

    A useful crit though, full of things that we knew yesterday. We just need to learn from the mistakes and start producing the sound that we had when we won the scottish last year.

    Well done to Granite city. I heard them through the door as they were on straight after us. Certainly had the balanced sound that some of the other bands missed.

  15. JamesResurgam

    JamesResurgam Member

    Well Andrew, the only way is up. Lets hope they take the crit the right way and learn from it. They are a lovely group of people that enjoy their music making. They would enjoy it even more if they performed better, and may I add my heartiest congratulation to Granite City and Tom Paulin for a superb result, well done.

  16. Moy

    Moy Active Member

    Hey Andrew at least you have a band of keen youngsters.
    You will get there - patience - and that I know Mr Cranna has.
    The band sounded well considering all the youngsters there.
  17. Dave Jaybee

    Dave Jaybee New Member

    Really good well organised day. So much so we got off the bus, had a rehearsal, played, had a quick beer and that was it without hearing one other band! The only downside of pre draw I guess. Thought we played well (Johnstone) so congrats to Granite City on taking top slot! Also conrats to Northern Counties Association on a day that seemed to run like clockwork!
  18. sop star

    sop star New Member

    as far as i have heard,

    in the 3rd section:-
    1st Coalburn won!:clap:
    2nd Perthshire Brass:clap:
    and i dont know the placings of the other 2 bands!

    and overall, PB was 7th out of 11??
  19. smaca

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    Who adjudicated this contest?
  20. johnmartin

    johnmartin Active Member

    Full results are on the SBBA website

    David Horsfield adjudicated.