Northern Counties Cancelled(Scotland)

Discussion in 'The Rehearsal Room' started by eckyboy, Mar 16, 2004.

  1. eckyboy

    eckyboy Member

    Rumour has it that this contest is cancelled this year.It was to be held on
    Saturday 10th, of April.Can anyone confirm this and the reasons why?
  2. Keppler

    Keppler Moderator Staff Member

    Stickifying this until we get some confirmation one way or the other.

  3. johnmartin

    johnmartin Active Member

    Definetly cancelled. I got an email from the association secretary confirming this. No reasons given.
  4. JTKBrass

    JTKBrass Member

    Yes definitely cancelled, got a phone call off the organiser last night, and an email off Neil Watson this morning confirming that as well. Bit of a shame, we were planning on going as well.
  5. flugelgal

    flugelgal Active Member

    I think we were going too... oh well.

  6. Moy

    Moy Active Member

    Think we were one of the 2 that entered Kirsty.
  7. flugelgal

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  8. flugelgal

    flugelgal Active Member

    I know I know!!!

    :idea: Nobody else entered because....

    .... they heard WE were playing :wink:

  9. Moy

    Moy Active Member

    :lol: :lol: :lol: :lol:
  10. johnmartin

    johnmartin Active Member

    It's a real pity it's been cancelled. It's my opinion that the contest hasn't been the same since they moved it out of Aberdeen. I certainly used to like a trip to the Granite City but am less enamoured by the prospect of a trip to Arbroath or Forfar. The other problem I suppose is the proximity to the Scottish Championships in the Calendar. Bands always report a downturn in attendance after the Scottish, as if players feel entitled to a break after all their hard work. This is obviously a problem for those bands who would like to compete at the NCBBA contest as they have to work up a programme to contest standard in about 3 weeks or sometimes less.
  11. cornetcheese

    cornetcheese Member

    I'm sure the proximity of the contest to the Scottish is amajor factor. Being a native Aberdonian, I have been very keen for Bathgate to take part in the Northern Counties contest for the last 3 years, but there has never been enough time or players after the Scottish to prepare anything up to a good standard - always ended up entering the West of Scotland or Carnegie Contests instead, which are a few weeks later.

    It's a pity as I have always enjoyed this contest - one of the few opportunities for bands from the north of scotland to compete without a huge expense, so I always remember getting to hear bands you wouldn't usually hear! I do agree moving it out of Aberdeen is also a huge pity, but I assume funds are the main reason for that - the beach ballroom and Music Hall in Aberdeen for example are very expensive venues in comparison to the theatre in arbroath!
  12. Moy

    Moy Active Member

    I was lead to believe that the contest was moved out of Aberdeen because bands didn't like travelling that far.
    Having it in Arbroath/Forfar cut down on travelling time.

    Like you I agree,it has never been the same since it moved out of Aberdeen. We had some great contests in the Music Hall and also the Beach Ballroom.

    I remember when David King was up with YBS we took him round the Beach and he went in to see the Ballroom and was impressed.
    Hope this is not the demise of our LOCAL contest.
  13. cornetcheese

    cornetcheese Member

    I could be mistaken about the reasons for the change of venue! I'm sure I recall being told by a member of the NCBBA that it was a funding issue, but I'm probably mistaken, as I was possibly not at my most sober at the time!

    I would love to see the contest returned to Aberdeen - Beach Ballroom is a great venue and the music hall is even better! It doesn't seem like the most convenient contest time though.
  14. JTKBrass

    JTKBrass Member

    So was the reason the contest was cancelled simply down to lack of entries ? I know the closing date was the end of the month, and we were going to enter the contest. How many bands are in the association who would have been there ?
  15. Moy

    Moy Active Member

    It's now official.

    Contest cancellation
    Northern Counties Contest, Arbroath, 10th April.

    Press release

    The Northern Counties Entertainment Contest on 10 April at the Webster Theatre, Arbroath, has been cancelled due to circumstances beyond our control.

    We apologise for the inconvenience this may cause.

    Diane Henry
    SBBA. Secretary, NCBBA

    Courtesy of

  16. Borfeo

    Borfeo Member

    Yeah, that's the same as the e-mail I got off Diane a couple of days ago.

    Shame really, was really looking to take Newland to a contest soon, after Carnegie knocked us back.
  17. lucylastic

    lucylastic New Member

    i believe the contest moved out of Abedeen because the City Council Withdrew the subsidy that the contest enjoyed in the previous years ,We are only the Oil Capital of Europe , How the hell do you think we can afford such extravagance Its sad to see that the beach ballroom sits idle most of the time now , what a waste of a great venue
  18. eckyboy

    eckyboy Member

    Is there no chance of it being moved to a date further from the Scottish.I think it is a pity to cancel what is a great event and as you say John a waste of a good venue.Surely bands can make the trip north once a year to support it as you all come down to ours
  19. Moy

    Moy Active Member

    The other problem is once something is cancelled it is very difficult to get it up and going again....which would be a shame.
    Only contest that costs us nothing to attend.
  20. floral_dance

    floral_dance Member

    West of Scotland was cancelled last year because of lack of entires and the cost to run. It is on this year so hopefully there will be plenty of interest, if not, I hope it is not going to spell the end of these contests.