Northern "All Star" Brass At The Sage

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    Sunday 22nd January 2006 at 2pm.
    In the magnificent Sage Centre Concert Hall in Gateshead.

    The inaugural concert by Northern "All Star" Brass - MD - Ray Farr.
    Guest Soloist - Brenden Wheeler.

    Northern "All Star" Brass is a 56 musician Brass and Percussion ensemble, comprised of some of the finest brass band talent in the North of England.

    Ring the box office now on 0191 443 4661 and book your ticket for this prestigious event.

    This promises to be one of the concert highlights of 2006.

    (To be recorded by the BBC for later airing on Frank Renton's "Listen to the Band")

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  2. sudcornet

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    Two rehearsals done...third to come Sunday am...and the sound and quality of this "double" band has begun to emerge. Ray Farr is handling the ensemble brilliantly, with skill and humour. Joe Cook is awesome...worth the entry fee alone....the fastest Czardas I've ever accompanied...and on a flippin' bass!.

    It is a great experience being involved in this project. The level of concentration and talent is inspiring; and the programme is excellent.

    If you can't make it to the Sage on Sunday, make real sure you don't miss it on Listen to the Band.

    Can't wait....
  3. postie

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    Sounds great Sud I will remember to look out for it on LTTB.
  4. Lauradoll

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    The rehearsals are definately entertaining anyway. Should be a good gig though!
  5. sudcornet

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    Just to update you all....The concert was a great success....helped by a very appreciative audience......Joe Cook's performance was stunning and Age of Kings sounded excellent in such a fine venue...with any luck this will be just the beginning for Northern "All Stars". The concert will be aired on LTTB in two sessions......expected to be Feb. 24th and March 3rd....don't miss it!

  6. sudcornet

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    Just to remind you all......LTTB this Friday (24th)......Don't miss out.