Northallerton band needs md

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    Edit: for current vacancies and contact details please see most recent posts

    The band is a NON Contesting band, that meets twice a week.

    Mondays / Thursday 730 - 930

    The band has many engagements, concerts, fete's etc.

    Please reply to the band chairman, Dave Prest (presto)


    The band has engagements, in the coming weeks and would like to fill the post ASAP
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    Dave Prest would like to thank all, who have contacted him offering help conducting engagements over the next few weeks.

    They are still in need of a full time MD. The band could do well with the right leadership and you never know, you may see them in the 4th 3rd section in years to come.
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    Northallerton band needs a bone player for concert tomorrow night.

    please contact dave prest 01609777272

    solo or 1st
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    Northallerton Wants You

    :rolleyes:Northallerton Silver Band:rolleyes:
    Want new player to come and play with us!

    If your play brass you are more than welcome.

    If you are a frendly person your more than welcome.

    If you like to have a fun night your more than welcome.

    And if you just fance a visit your more than welcome.

    For more info contact
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    Northallerton is looking for players

    Northallerton silver band is going up and onward with its growing reputation in and around northallerton putting concerts on to 300 people and more in some cases require some new blood.

    2nd & 3rd cornet
    Bari Euph
    2nd and bass trombones

    If you would like to possibly come for a blow or join if you could let me know at

    you are more than welcome

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