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    Over the summer months, KMJ Recordings is going to be assessing some new equipment as part of their Capital investment plan. As part of that assessment, we'd like to test some of it out in an 'as session' situation.

    We're looking for a North West Band who'd be willing to participate in a single day recording session (date to be decided depending on mutual availabilities). Our original thoughts are to record 5 or 6 Christmas items during the available time - should the Band then wish, the items could be assembled into a formal short play CD which could be manufactured (under approriate licence and at the Band's expense) and sold. Such CDs are popular with Bands who perform either lots of formal Christmas concerts or even for sale whilst carolling. Essentially what this means is that your Band could have a Christmas EP for sale where the recording aspect was 'free'.

    If this sounds like something that your Band would like to be involved in, drop me a PM or email for further details....if we get more than one volunteer, then we'll choose from a hat.

    Thanks, folks.

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    Couple of public replies to some questions I've had by PM:

    No, it doesn't have to be Christmas music - that was just a suggestion for a product we thought might be saleable for you. The total recording time you'll have under red light conditions will be about 6 hours (which is about half a standard session), so bear in mind that you'll be looking for about half a CDs worth of material if you're going to cover it to adequate standard for release.

    Yes, if you're willing to pay the travel costs we'll consider coming out to a non-North West Band.

    Yes, we're covering the venue costs and will source it when the Band has been decided (such that it's local)

    No, you're not tied into doing anything at all with the output.

    I'll add more if there are any that come up :tup
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    Folks, due to the rather large influx of emails and PMs I've had concerning this, we'll be putting all the Bands into the hat on Friday evening - so if you like the sound of this and haven't already, give me a shout before Friday 20th June 6pm.

    Thanks everyone :biggrin:
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    And the 'Winner' is....the Band that drew....number....5.

    Coppull & Standish, conducted by Anno Draconis / Andrew Baker.

    The draw was made by my good lady from an England football cap with each band being assigned a number in the order in which I got their message, putting the result on a par seemingly with most major contest results ;)

    Many thanks to everyone who expressed an interest in helping us out - it's greatly appreciated, and all the efforts from the volunteer Bands go into allowing KMJ Recordings to develop even higher quality and value for money services than we do already (which is going to be very tough :biggrin: ).

    I mentioned to some of the Bands that have offered their services that we'll be offering a reduced cost option for similar sessions - should anyone be interested in those (Stalybridge is one Band I believe to have already taken this up), drop me a line.

    Thanks again, folks :tup
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    Cool! :cool:

    Better start thinking about what we want to record.......:confused:
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    If you put the Woodfield Jingle Bells on it, you'll need you own minidisc recorder, as I'll be in Cheshire ;)

    We'll chat later this week.
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    Just a quite note of thanks to Andy (Anno Draconis) and all at Coppull and Standish Band.

    We've had a thoroughly enjoyable day as well as achieving what we needed to achieve, thanks to your efforts and hard work.

    Hope you enjoyed it as much as we did :clap:
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    Certainly the feedback I've got from the band is that they've all enjoyed it, although we're all knackered now. Arduous business :biggrin:

    Many thanks Keith and Rob for the opportunity, and for keeping us honest today, very much looking forward to hearing the results. Also many thanks to Will (the Sec) Elsom and Tom for joining us this morning for the recording of "Fairytale of New York"; it was great to see you and Tom's contribution on recorder sounded ace.:clap:

    Just a quick plug in case anyone other than us is watching this thread: The resulting Christmas CD will contain Will's aforementioned arrangement of Fairytale of New York (possibly the first commercially available recording?) and 25p from the sale of each disc will go to the Justice for Kirsty appeal. Well worth considering for your Christmas stocking fillers! Watch this space for details...
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    Just like to add my thanks to Andy's. I had a really enjoyable day, (in spite of horrendous tuning problems with my new Prestige horn). Keith and Rob were very professional and great to work with, and I would recommend KMJ Recordings to any band looking to record a CD in the future.