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    I seem to recall that the only records of the North West Gradings is displayed annually in the rear of the North West Area programme on sale on the day of the contest.

    I do not believe that the North West Area Committee have a website.

    The only other record is that which is forwarded to band secretaries after the areas regarding promotions and regations
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    You could do an unofficial one yourself from the results archive on 4br.

    I did this for the 2nd section the other night to see where the band I am playing with is currently standing.
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    Oh well... I'll have a go at working them out myself
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    Ok so does this look right presuming those bands who got relegated/promoted after the 2007 contest got 7 points (13 bands competing) for that year and those who got relegate/promoted after the 2008 contest got 7 points for both years.

    Blackburn & Darwen
    2007 - 7(r)
    2008 - 2
    Pre-Contest Grading - 9

    Ashton Under Lyne
    2007 - 6
    2008 - 4
    Pre-Contest Grading - 10

    2007 - 3
    2008 - 7
    Pre-Contest Grading - 10

    VBS Poynton
    2007 - 7(r)
    2008 - 3
    Pre-Contest Grading - 10

    2007 - 7(r)
    2008 - 7(r)
    Pre-Contest Grading - 14

    Manx Concert Brass
    2007 - 7(p)
    2008 - 7(p)
    Pre-Contest Grading - 14

    2007 - 9
    2008 - 6
    Pre-Contest Grading - 14

    Wardle & District
    2007 - 7(p)
    2008 - 7(p)
    Pre-Contest Grading - 14

    2007 - 7
    2008 - 8
    Pre-Contest Grading - 15

    2007 - 7(p)
    2008 - 9
    Pre-Contest Grading - 16

    Blackpool Brass
    2007 - 7(p)
    2008 - 11
    Pre-Contest Grading - 18

    2007 - 8
    2008 - 13
    Pre-Contest Grading - 21

    2007 - 14(dnc?)
    2008 - 12
    Pre-Contest Grading - 26

    Not sure about Haydock.... did they compete in 2007. I can't find them on the 4BR contest archive, so is 14 points correct for that year (number of bands that competed +1)?
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    Haydock might have been a new addition to the section in 08 cos there was one more band in 08 than 07 even though Besses withdrew.
  7. TheFopp

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    New addition from where? they're not listed playing in the 2nd section / 1st / or championship section on 4BR for 2007 but there is a Valley Brass (Haydock) in the 3rd section in 2006. Same band? if so how did they get to first section from third without competing in 2007?!

    Anyone from Haydock to help out here please!
  8. Hells Bones

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    A new addition meaning a possible regrading or a newly formed/reformed contesting band.

    Like Cornerstone were graded as 1st section in the Yorkshire area without contesting before.
  9. TheFopp

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    Its a possibility I suppose, but their website shows that they have been around for a while and were 3rd section National Finalists back in 2003 so it seems a bit odd that they needed to be regraded into the 1st section when if they were of that standard they could have worked there way back into to it without too much problem you would imagine..... hmmm..... [in suspect foreign accent] "very interesting Mr Bond"
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    <format was rubbish, will try again>
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    Haydock and Valley Brass (Haydock) are two separate bands. Haydock were a Championship section band until 2006, and didn't compete in 2007.

    Valley Brass (Haydock) started out life as a youth band and were known as Haydock Youth for a short spell. Valley is Grange Valley in Haydock where the band practice on a Saturday. They always contested even when most of the band were under 16. They renamed so that the old lags could continue playing with the band. Now some of the players are the grand old age of 24 !!!!
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    Not sure if anyone else has replied to this as I've not read past page 1!!!!... but Haydock Band and Valley Brass (Haydock) are different bands. We (Haydock Band) were graded as Championship Section upto and including the 2007 Area, but we did not compete in 2007, so if I'm right in thinking we got 'last place' points in ch section.

    In 2008 we competed in 1st section (and did badly admittedly!) - hence our points.

    Hope that helps!!!! ;)
  13. TheFopp

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    Thanks for the information. So I presume in that case relegation to the 1st section started after the 2007 areas in which case for the gradings in the first section you would have been given average points for that year.

    So your grading should be:

    2007 - 7(r)
    2008 - 12
    Pre-Contest Grading - 19

    I think that makes sense!

    Why can't the regional committees get these things online where everyone can see them and not have to figure it out for themselves?
  14. BIG Paul

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    I'm sure that if you volunteered to put the information online then the regional committee would welcome your input, as they are always asking for new people to help out.
  15. TheFopp

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    You would expect that they would have their own website already, but if not then they could at least partner up with tMP or 4BR and just send them the information and ask them to add a page with it all on.

    In-fact that probably makes more sense to have just one or two websites where all the information from all the committees/areas is placed.
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    I also sat down last night and got exactly the same as you apart from 4, of which Haydock has already been corrected. The other 3 are Freckleton, Manx and Wardle. I think they're all on 14.5 - 7 for 2007 and 7.5 for 2008. This is because Besses withdrew last year so even though 13 bands competed (and the workings out are usually 1/2 of the number of bands competed plus 1/2 point) they'd surely have been placed as 14th. If not, it would make sense for more bands to withdraw and just be awarded average points. Someone please correct me if I'm wrong. If I am then our band will probably withdraw on Sunday and accept the average points to avoid relegation! :biggrin:
  17. Hells Bones

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    I reckon Haslingden are safe mate... Unless they come last... but even then, the placings would have to be just right to see you go down.
  18. tubafran

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    No, average points are awarded to bands previously competing in a different section and have been promoted or relegated into a new section. If you dont compete you get number of bands +1
  19. Posh

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    That's what I thought. Almost worked them all out now based on that.
  20. Posh

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    Championship Section

    2007: 1
    2008: 1
    Total: 2

    2007: 2
    2008: 2
    Total: 4

    2007: 3
    2008: 4
    Total: 7

    2007: 5
    2008: 3
    Total: 8

    United Co-op (Crewe)
    2007: 6p
    2008: 5
    Total: 11

    2007: 6
    2008: 6p
    Total: 12

    Roberts Bakery
    2007: 6
    2008: 6p
    Total: 12

    United Co-op Milnrow
    2007: 6
    2008: 7
    Total: 13

    2007: 6p
    2008: 9
    Total: 15

    Pemberton Old Wigan JJB
    2007: 7
    2008: 10
    Total: 17

    Bactiguard Wire Brass
    2007: 10
    2008: 8
    Total: 18

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