North West Contest Dates 2009

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  1. E flat fred

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    Can anyone reading this article please supply me with the details of who to contact to try to ascertain the correct dates for the 2009 contests in the North West Area.

    I refer to the ones after the summer, namely from August 2009 onwards.
    I have to plan work commitments well in advance and if I am aware of the contest dates I can arrange other meetings accordingly.
    The contest secretary for the North west would sufice but I do not have his details either tele or e-mail.
    I am sure that I will get a response very soon after the post is on the TMP.
    Thanking all concern in anticipation of a speedy responce.
  2. Eileen

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    The area contest is on the 1st March, but the other contests are run by the different associations so there are different people in charge.keep watching the banding web sites and the dates usually come up in good time.
  3. E flat fred

    E flat fred Member

    Thank you for your reply, but I am already aware of that date it is the ones from Augest 2009 that I am after or the name and details of who to contact fpr these details.
  4. Frontman

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    I think you are referring to the Fleetwood Contest which is organised by the North West Counties BBA the contact is Frank Hodges 01942 703217. He will give you details of most of the contests to which you refer.

    The only other is the Northern Open Wilkinsons Contest in St Helens. This contest is run by the Rainford Band and especially Phil Upton. I do not have his number but I am sure Frank will assist you.

    What band are you with? Let me know I will keep an eye out for you of any others which may arise such as March & Hymn Contests etc.
  5. E flat fred

    E flat fred Member

    as always with TMP the results are fast and furious.
    I have been suplied with the Contest secrecetary's details, contacted him and problem resolved right upto 2010.
    Many thanks to all concerned.