North west areas 2015.

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    I'm here to debate, not argue with pedants. The fact is this is an institution set up under royal patronage for the study of northern music, and aside from the excellent festival of brass (which I think I'm correct in saying is only hosted by the college) there is scant evidence of any particularly northern music going on there from what I can see on their website. It seems to me that the whole place is some sort of finishing school for aspiring orchestral musicians and classical singers, none of whom could sing any Fivepenny pice or even Peter Skellern if their lives depended upon it.
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    One thing that I like about tmp is that it really is an education.
    I hadn't until now realised that the RNCM specialised in the study of Northern Music, so a big thanks to Mr Goblin for that.
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    So they don't ​study Northern Music there?
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    tMp posts are often so cleverly worded, that it's hard to tell if they are being ironic or not. Surely this is...........?
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    I assume the point you are trying to make is that the college was initially established to study Mancunian (Manchester ) music, and only in 1972 was it renamed with the wider emphasis on 'Northern' music - presumably in responce to Beatlemania, Gerry and the Pacemakers from further west along the newly built M62? Sadly Hull probably had little worth, but Northumbria of course have their own wonderful version of the bagpipes. It seems sad though that while according to the online prospectus you can study the national instrument of Wales (Harp) there is no first study Northumbrian pipes option. Indeed it seems there is little Northern aside from the brass band to be found there. Maybe the truth differs from the 'shop window' of the online prospectus, but on the face of it the RCNM is about as northern as I am.
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    Surely you are teasing us, hob?? It's a college IN the north, not a college OF the north. It started life as the Royal Manchester College of Music, not the Royal College of Manchester Music
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    It was pointed out a couple of posts ago that it is definitely 'of'. I for one am confused.
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    Far from it, just the moronic troll has been caught out and called out for it.
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    Ha ha ha what an absolute shrub! I don't think students at such a prestigious college would be studying "Peter Skellern" and "Oasis" obviously the college of northern music will be concentrating its efforts on ACTUAL northern composers like Richard Rodney Bennett, Wilfred Heaton and Eric Ball! Oasis...... I've heard it all now lol. MMF
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    You say Northern College

    I say College of Northern

    Let's not nit pick here

    Is it true that first year students still have to wear clogs on formal occasions and must be able to sing "You're a Lady" at least half as well as Peter Skellern if challenged by a member of staff ?

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    I think we have established that the RNCM is neither a specialist northern music establishment, nor is it limited to members of the Royal Family so would politely suggest this gets back on to the topic of the North West Areas 2015.
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    I agree with Bbmad with one exception, I would have Wingates a little lower having heard them at brass at the guild a couple of weeks ago.
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    I don't think it's fair to 'call out' Mr Spark for a genuine mistake, and if you have played his music you will know he is far from being a 'moronic troll'. May I tactfully suggest you look before you leap with regard to future posting.
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    Despite the risk of appearing unintentionally sycophantic I just wanted to say to Mr Sparke that I am thoroughly enjoying working on his piece for the 3rd section with my band. I think it is thoroughly engaging for all sections of the band which sadly is a rarity in a lot of the pieces selected for the lower echelons of competing bands in the past.
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    What A dreadful Hungarian.

    "Oozing charm from every pore
    He oiled his way around the floor."
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    Not quite sure what that is all about!?, but a big 'high six' to you and the rest of the Mossley MF's. How do you rate your chances at the areas now you are up a section?
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    Hey, this thread is about the great North West area. We don't really care what's going on down there.

    Bye bye for now,
    Mr Fixer.
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    Don't live there now old chump. I was chased out of town at 16 for only having 2 eyes. I'm sure they'll do well but their opinion like their DNA strains will be kept in the family I'm sure! I do southern banding now, just like proper banding but less vib and more waffle!