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  1. Al

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    4barsrest have the 2011 North West Regional Championship runners:

    In the Championship Section, Wire brass have (as discussed extensively elsewhere) dropped out.

    In the 2nd Section it looks like Besses and Blackpool Brass were not relegated and are competing in the same section again. If this is right, then both Blackpool and Besses are going to have to come up with astounding results to stay in as their aggregate points are now quite high. This has now become a larger section, with 16 bands. Delph are additionally promoted, not on aggregate points but on account of winning the 3rd Section Nationals.

    In the 3rd Section, Cheshire Constabulary, Skelmersdale, Formby and Trinity Girls don't appear to be competing. This leaves a section of just 13. The last few years have seen 19 or 20 bands competing.

    4th Section sees the addition of Mereside Brass, Onchan Silver, Wirral and the return of Port Sunlight and Rode Hall. It looks like Brindle and Valley Brass (Haydock) are not competing this year.

    I hope the above is right. Apologies if I have made any errors.
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  2. Al

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    25 bands are entered in the 4th Section, so 4 bands qualify.

    With such a big section and so many contenders looking for promotion, this is going to be a tough section. The bands who were relegated have average points and it might take a couple more years, even with excellent results, of getting anywhere near out of the section. I think there will be plenty of effort to qualify and then to win the Nationals for the quick route promotion.
  3. Backrowmike

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    Sadly, Friezland and Onchan Silver have both withdrawn, does that mean only 3 will qualify?:(
  4. Al

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    Sorry to hear about Friezland and Onchan withdrawing. Onchan, from the Isle of Man, would have been a very welcome addition to the North West. I believe they have some excellent players, some who have played with higher section bands.

    According to the rules, it is "the number of bands entered".

    14. a) Qualification to the Finals
    i) In respect of sections 1 – 4, qualification for an invitation will depend on the number of bands entered in the sections at the Regional Championships.
    Up to 16 bands entered ……………………………….. 2 bands qualify
    17 to 24 bands entered ……………………………….. 3 bands qualify
    25 bands and over entered ………….………………. 4 bands qualify

    So hopefully 4 bands qualify. I have little doubt that the top 4 would give a good account of themselves at the Finals. This really is a tough section for those competing.

    My money's on Ramsey!
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  5. LittleEuph

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    It is correct that Besses and Blackpool are still in the second section. I believe it was decided that no bands would be relegated from the second section due to the medical emergency that occurred last year.

    Regarding the 4th section, I recall that there were 23 who competed last year and 3 qualified.
  6. Al

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    Farnworth & Walkden and Rivington & Adlington were promoted on average points. Hazel Grove were promoted after winning the Nationals.

    Interesting that the Nationals saw the top three places from North West

    1. Hazel Grove
    2. Besses Boys
    3. Farnworth & Walkden

    (Which was a repeat of the placings at the Areas!)
  7. Backrowmike

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    Very tough, especially when you look over at the Yorkshire Region with around ten bands competing.

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