North West - A day out in Blackpool for everyone

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  1. Beesa

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    With the North West kicking off the Regional Championships this year on Sunday 27th February 2011 and with all 5 sections being played on the same day in the same venue, I wondered how many folk from other Areas will be in Blackpool for a day out.

    Blackpool is as cheap as anywhere in the UK, plenty of pubs and towers and things as well as the full day of Brass Bands. A chance to hear the Test Pieces played by some of the countries' finest bands too!

    BRIAN KEECH Member

    I,m travelling from Milton Keynes to listen. Firstly to support our son who plays for Pemberton Old, but also as an MD taking a band in the 4th section L & SC I hope to pick up some idea,s from the Northwest 4th section bands.
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    I'll be stepping out for the day....
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    With about 74 ish bands there the winter gardens will be heaving with activity, and especially for the lower sections there will be some good bands on display the 4th section is masive in the north west not sure if its the bigest 4th section in the UK I am sure some one will put me right on that. As paddy has said on her before i am sure that many of them could easily compete in the 3rd section at the areas. I will be popping in on my way home from rehersal on the Sunday morning this will be the 2nd year I have not contested at my local regionals will be heading over the hils to Sunny Bradford again. As Beesa says All 5 sections on the day, does in my mind make Blackpool one of the best area contest for social activity the halls are not great but the venue serves a good purpose of getting it all over and done on the day I am certain that this is the only area that does this just hoping that they have spruced the place up abit as the council have reportedly finished phase 1 of restoration work to the winter Gardens just hope its just a bit more that a lick of paint.
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    Here's a comparison of the 4th Section bands in each area, over the past 5 years.

    The trend in one or two of the areas is a bit worrying.

    UK - 4th Section_1.jpg

    The black bars depict competing bands, the blue dnc and the red is entered but withdrawn.

    The dnc bands have been included for a couple of years and then dropped off altogether if they don't contest.

    Unfortunately the resolution I can upload on this site is very low, but at higher resolutions the bands are shown with position and MD.

    I think the message is there though.

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  7. ian perks

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    If weather is ok will be going
  8. towse1972

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    Its forecast rain!
  9. Metoo

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    After today it could even be SNOW again.
  10. Mofman

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    I'll be there. Helping Hawk Green out.

    I have mixed emotions about Blackpool.

    One year I had my car towed away and for the privilege it cost me £250 to release it!

    Other years I've had a few in the (expensive) bar and met some new people who I still know to this day!
  11. sbandsman

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    We are coming up from the edge of the midlands to support our son,and have a cracking day out.
  12. manx_yessir

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    Aye, I'll be there again supporting the Manx bands.
  13. Spaniels Ears

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    We will have a great day sir and hopefully have a great result to match!!!
  14. kstring24

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    Apologies if this is already mentioned, I can't be bothered to read through the thread properly (teas nearly ready!)

    Anyone know how much it'll be for entry into the Winter Gardens on the Sunday? This is my first 'non-playing' year and paying to get in didn't cross my mind.

  15. Frontman

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    2011 Regional Championships
    Advance notice has already been sent to all the North West bands of a change of date for the 2011 Regional event to Sunday 27th February 2011 since the Winter Gardens is not available on the 2nd Sunday of March.

    Sunday 27th February 2011

    Winter Gardens, Blackpool

    Commencing at 09:30 am

    All-Day Adult Ticket - £ 9.00

    All-Day Concessionary Ticket - £ 6.00

    Programme - £ 2.00

    All tickets are only available from the Contest Box Office on the day

    Hall Venues 2011 - Opera House, Empress Ballroom and Pavillion Theatre
  16. kstring24

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    Hm, I'll remember to join a band next year.

    Thanks for the info :D
  17. Bandsman1

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    When will the NW bands learn that the ONLY way to get 2 adjudicators into the box would be for those 20 odd bands to veto the competion for 2 years only. Will the powers that be relegate ALL of them? I think not, will Kapitol promotions be happy? I think not.
    The Scottish region has far fewer bands in their region and they can aford 2 men in the box, so why cant the NW?
    The last farcical vote where "non voting bands" where classed as agreeing to the staus quo, was a joke, and the NW are still trying to live down the shame.
    So lets start now...who wants to practice the same old piece for weeks on end, travel for hours in a bus at god knows what time in the morning to endure long waiting times and then play a piece to an half empty hall? The answer, at least for 2 years is simple. DONT GO. Then see how quickly they put 2 men in the box and bring a fairer system for a change.
  18. Andy_Euph

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    I'll probably get shot down for saying this, but am I the only one that thinks 9 quid is a bit steep? (I can already hear the shouts of "here we go again")

    Don't get me wrong if you're going to listen to more than one section then its great but £9 just to get into the winter gardens is a bit much. Surely you could just pay a pound or two so that you can get into the building and onto the concourse.

  19. 70+ bands attending. I think that's a sizeable number who look forward to the event and enjoy the preparation and the day.
  20. Anno Draconis

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    Yes, you will, you tightar$e ;)

    First off, it's actually come DOWN by a quid. Used to be a tenner. Second, NWBBRC get the Winter Gardens cheap on the basis that WG can recoup their money on admittance and beer. Third, by selling and checking tickets at the main door, they can save money on venue staff.

    If you're only going for a beer, I can understand £9 admittance might stick in the craw a bit, but that money means that costs to bands are kept down. Why not go mad and listen to a couple while you're in there? Then we won't all be playing to half-full halls!