North Wales Solos, Duets & Quartets 2007

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  1. dyl

    dyl Active Member

    North Wales Brass Bands Association : Solos, Duets & Quartets Championships 2007

    Saturday February 24th 2007 @ Galeri, Caernarfon

    Starts: 10.00 am

    Adjudicators: Gavin Saynor & Sheona White
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  3. dyl

    dyl Active Member

    So, any tMPers going?

    I'll be there supporting the youngsters (and the slightly older ones) from Deiniolen, including my son Deian (6 and a half) who's competing in the Slow Melody under 10 and the Air Varie under 14. I'm also one of the four amigos in Deiniolen's quartet.
  4. Big Gav

    Big Gav Member

    I think I'm going!!
  5. rebecca

    rebecca Member

    I was there listening, not playing! Very impressed with the talent there is in the bands of North Wales. A huge well done to Nicholas Hughes who won the Open slow melody and Air Varie and also well done to Graham Bushell who was awesome on sop. A massive well done to all the Menai Bridge contenders and of course the star of the show Deian!!!! Well done all!!!
  6. Di

    Di Active Member

    Do you have any more results Rebecca?
  7. dyl

    dyl Active Member

    I have! ;)

    Section 1: Slow Melody under 10
    1. Iolo Edwards - Beaumaris (80 points)
    2. Deian Wyn Williams - Deiniolen (77 pts)
    3. Richard A Evans - Deiniolen (76 pts)

    Section 2: Slow Melody 10-12
    1. Dafydd LArge - Beaumaris (82 pts)
    2. Steffan Lloyd Owen - Beaumaris (80)
    3. Deio Rhys Withers (78 pts)

    Section 3: Slow Melody 12 -14
    1. Bronwen Evans - Beaumaris (195)
    2. Anest Bryn - Deiniolen (193)
    3. Danial Ellis - Deiniolen (192)

    Section 4: Slow Melody 14-16
    1. Sion Elwyn - Deiniolen (86)
    2. Debbie Fry - Northop (84)
    3. Daniel Cooil - Northop (82)

    Section 5: Slow Melody 16-18
    1. Graham Bushell - Beaumaris (198 pts)
    2. Ceri Isfryn - Beaumaris (196)
    3. Elen Owen - Porthaethwy (195)

    Section 6: Duet under 14
    1. Dafydd Large & Sion Alun Thomas - Beaumaris (83)
    2. Sion Withers & Bedwyr Williams - Beaumaris (82)

    Section 7: Duets under 18
    1. Danial Ellis & Lois Eifion Jones - Deiniolen (96)
    2. Graham Bushell & Ceri Isfryn - Beaumaris (95)
    3. Gwyn Owen & Patrick Rimes - Porthaethwy (94)

    Section 8: Open Duets
    1. Alan Llywelyn & Nicholas Hughes - Beaumaris (95)
    2. Nicky Williams & Sarah Butterworth - Beaumaris (90)

    Section 9: Air Varie under 14
    1. Gwyn Owen - Porthaethwy (95)
    2. Danial Ellis - Deiniolen (88 pts)
    3. Manon Elwyn - Deiniolen (87)

    Section 10: Air Varie under 18
    1. Hywel K Jones - Deiniolen (94)
    2. Jams Coleman - Beaumaris (92)
    3. Debbie Fry - Northop (91)

    Section 11: Quartet/Quintet under 14
    1. 'Smoothies' - Beaumaris

    Section 12: Quartet/Quintet under 18

    1. 'Hotshots' - Beaumaris (86)
    2. Porthaethwy (84)
    =3. Deiniolen (83)
    =3. Llanrug (83)

    Section 13: Slow Melody over 18
    1. Nicholas Hughes - Porthaethwy (195)
    2. Dylan Hughes - Deiniolen (194)
    3. Alan Williams - Beaumaris (193)

    Section 14: Air Varie over 18
    1. Nicholas Hughes - Beaumaris (92)
    2. Karl Stott - Northop (91)
    3. Dylan Hughes - Deiniolen (90)

    Section 15: Open Quartet/Quintet
    1. 'Dragons' - Beaumaris (95)
    2. Deiniolen (93)

    Band with highest number of entries: Beaumaris
    Association's special award: Deian Wyn Williams for his performance in the Air Varie under 14

    Huge congratulations to everyone - was an excellent day, and Deian made his Dad extremely proud (once again) - just a little over 12 months since starting playing the cornet - and he's not getting his 7th birthday till the end of April.

    A star of the day for me was Gwyn Owen of Porthaethwy in the Air Varie under 14 - an exellent performance that made a joke of his age - and a star of the future to look out for in my eyes.
  8. Di

    Di Active Member

    Awww bless him. Well done Deian! Give him a huge well done from all of us. You must be chuffed to bits. And an excellent day all round for Deiniolen too. :clap:
  9. Cochyn

    Cochyn Member

    Well done to me little Cuz Nicholas Hughes, who pretty much out classed us all in the Open Slow Melody and Air Varie (not to mention the old Open Duet ;) :lol:)...awsome performances! Proud of ya pal!

    What can I say about Graham Bushell....pure quality!
    Last edited: Feb 25, 2007
  10. rebecca

    rebecca Member

    I forgot to mention Menai Bridge's Repiano player, Gwyn Owen. He won his Air Varie under 14yrs and was an amazing 7 points ahead. I hear the ajudicator was completely speechless!!! Well done him!!! He'll soon be having my seat in Menai Bridge.
  11. stopher

    stopher Member

    Gwyn Owen - Superstar is all I can say! He played it in his lesson last week and was amazing on it plus sight read virtually perfect a Grade 7 piece. Great lad and he's going to be a superstar!
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  13. stotty74

    stotty74 Member

    When i was warming up, i couldn't believe it was him in the same room!! But there was only me or him, and i knew i didn't sound like that!!! Amazing talent and he really is going to go far.

    Congratulations to everyone yesterday, and especially to the 2 cornet players from Northop for getting in the prizes. Was really pleased for them :biggrin:
  14. dotsguard

    dotsguard New Member

    I'd like to echo Karls congratulations and give a special thank you for the Big Band set at the end. The Galeri is an excellent, modern venue;ideal for young competitors to show off their talents to the very appreciative and supportive audience that were there. Nice one, everyone and the NWBBA too.

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