North Wales Solos, Duets and Quartets/Quintets 2013

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    Saturday 9th February 2013
    Venue: Galeri, Caernarfon
    Adjudicators: Steve Pritchard-Jones & Scott Lloyd

    Slow Melody under 10
    1st: Ela Haf Williams (Deiniolen)
    2nd: Amy Harmens (Beaumaris)
    3rd: Erin Haf Williams (Deiniolen)

    Slow Melody 10-12
    1st: Clara Scoffe (Northop)
    2nd: Jessica Bailey (Nantlle)
    3rd: Elgan Skillander (Northop)

    Slow Melody 12-14
    1st: Owain Llestyn (Llanrug)
    2nd: Iago Davies (Deiniolen)
    3rd: Christopher Jones (Rhyl)

    Slow Melody 14-16
    1st: Pippa Scourse (Beaumaris)
    2nd: Sacheus Pritchard (Beaumaris)
    3rd: Merin Lleu (Llanrug)

    Slow Melody 16-18
    1st: Isabel Griffith (Beaumaris)
    2nd: Gerallt Owen (Llanrug)

    Duet under 14:
    1st: Hannah Camp & Christopher Jones (Rhyl)
    2nd: Aron Parry & Ioan Walter (Beaumaris)
    3rd: Deian and Erin Williams (Deiniolen)

    Air Varie under 14:
    1st: Owain Llestyn (Llanrug)
    2nd: Deian Williams (Deiniolen)
    3rd: Sion D'Arcy (Porthaethwy)

    Air Varie under 18:
    1st: Pippa Scourse (Beaumaris)
    2nd: Richard Efans (Deiniolen)
    3rd: Owen Skillander (Northop)

    Quartet/Quintet under 14:
    1st: Llanbabo (Deiniolen)
    2nd: Quintet (Deiniolen)
    3rd: Nantlle A

    Quartet/Quintet under 18:
    1st: Beaumaris
    2nd: Llanrug
    3rd: Deiniolen

    Slow Melody over 18:
    1st: Urien Sion Huws (Deiniolen)
    2nd: Charlotte Green (Porthaethwy)
    3rd: Bari Gwilliam (Beaumaris)

    Open Quartet/Quintet:
    1st: Deiniolen

    Iwan William Memorial Trophy for the most promising player outside the prizes under 12:
    Ifan Jones - Flugel (Beaumaris)

    Overall Band points:
    1st: Deiniolen (49 points)
    2nd: Beaumaris (35 points)
    3rd: Llanrug (31 points)

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